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That one. Kyle Busch. They're working on that car. It's starting to get a little bit better, but he still has a lot of damage. Looking down. Pit road. Jesse. Adjustment for bread. Kozlowski. Here's Joey Logano on pit road. Look, Kano is kind of win the battle from Barrow. That's Kano, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Blakey. Looks like a side by side between Martin Truex Jr and Jenny him with all the drivers looks like they have four tires and Sunoco racing fuel on board here. Also need to know lap 102. On fuel. They can race to the end of this stage lap. 1 85, But boy, they're gonna be screaming for tires if they have to do that, over those last 20 or 25 laps. Top five ofthe pit road. A Steve Post called Joey Logano by inches. Beat Kevin Harvick off the pit lane that Harvick second Ryan Blaney. Third Denny Hamlin forth and Martin Truex Jr 50 back to the green flag after this from Dover International Speedway. This is the motor racing network, the voice of NASCAR. Jake was in big trouble with the I R s he owed How much $92,000 out the IRS left. No room for Jacob. Breathe. They put a lien on my house took all the money out of my bank account took my eye out of my paycheck. So it was a nightmare. He needed help fast. I figured that all these companies were the same until I called federal tax management. You couldjust tell they knew what they were talking about. Right then And there, I felt like I had some hope. Stop the leans levees and garnish mints fast and qualify for one of several special IRS. Programs that could reduce or even eliminate your tax debt. So how to go for Jake? They did what they said they would do. They came through for me. I ended up saving an unbelievable amount. I was so jazzed that I was extremely happy if you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes, take Jakes advice. Give federal tax management a phone call. If they help me they could help anybody. Call the federal tax management hotline now, 800 to 4 to 17 06 800 to 4 to 17 06 800 to 4 to 17. 06 Back at Dover Motor Racing Network with live flag the flag coverage of the dry Dean 3 11 for the NASCAR Cup Serious Joey Logano and his crew getting it done on pit road..

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