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And he's doing all these making all these amick throws. But he's also lost at a tired as in the Seahawks and he didn't win at New England. And here's just drew Brees completing seventy four percent of his passes. Right. Throwing for thirty two touchdowns and only five interceptions, which is just ridiculous. You know, drew Brees has had the most effective performance to me in. In the NFL. Like you look at what he has done and how efficient he has been. He hasn't thrown the same volume as Patrick Mahomes. But that's because he hasn't had to he's been so efficient. But I feel like drew Brees again is up against this. Well, you're good. But we know you Mahomes, we just met right? We've just met this guy. He's at the top of the chart. This is the guy that everyone wants to hear from this is the guy that's the most popular kid in school all of a sudden. But he just got here this semester. Whereas drew Brees is dealing with the effects of. It's almost like he's been good for too long, which that to me is unfair. The Aaron Donald thing you mentioned that I think he should be in the conversation. Certainly it's still very hard for me the way that defense is work especially in today's in fail to give that war to a defensive player. It's still a very difficult thing for me to kind of figure out. Okay. What the justification to give this award to a defensive player. But I do agree. He should be in the conversation for me. It's drew Brees in terms of the most effective performance in the NFL. Will this season? It's drew Brees. Let me take one aspect of your argument and shred it you talk. Okay, losses. The Patrick Mahomes suffered drew Brees loss to the buccaneers. And a Cowboys team that hasn't won ten games yet. So the losses. Well, let's take that out of the conversation because it's not it doesn't bode well for your argument. But all I'm saying, he's not perfect homes. Perfect news, fair bright. But you know, what Patrick Mahomes also had to do. He had to deal with the loss of Kareem hunt. Right. And the loss backup Spencer ware and still try to get this team as the number one seed in the AFC that's a lot for anybody to overcome. And especially like, I say a kid would not much experience that to me is why he's been so affecting this about the defensive aspect of it. I I would hate to see I feel like it already is the NFL most valuable player turned into the NFL's version of the Heisman were defensive player literally has no chance of winning it. Because if Aaron Donald can go for nineteen and a half sacks and not even be in the top three of the conversation. Then why are we even having defensive players on the field? Like they have to matter at. Some point yet. He matters a lot clearly, but it is still difficult for a guy in his position to win and be my straight head didn't win it when he said the record. I know which it again to me, it's like why why can't defensive players get love, man. They out there to train sometimes defensive player can't change the entire course of a game. We've seen that with clue MAC a couple of times this year. But nonetheless, those guys will not be considered for the MVP. Lease. We don't think they will be coming up on the Dan lebatardshow. Victor Cruz is gonna join us get his take on the NF NFL MVP and also the games coming up this weekend long Metcalf. Michael leaves you're listening to the radio.

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