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Kid thank something star ball and then and only then soon as malachi black puts a hand on her could grab her by the back of the fucking head and like he's getting ready to do something man cody just from out of nowhere. Just start beating the living shit out malachi black there you go. That's how you can reinsert cody rhodes and you can justify everything you can say you know. I had it when cody does come back week after pretty much respond. What all have went down near. Where black putting his hands. I'm brandy and everything mother of his child. Ri- can pretty much jump out there. man. I saw the crap that went down with Saudi crap that went down there with arn and son saw the crap that happened with lee johnson and he can admit he gave me. He can say you know. Am i was scared of malachi black yes. I've never faced this kind of darkness before. I've never faced an opponent like malachi black before i've never ever come across somebody with this type of of of of a cold heart of evil in their soul. Any really rattled me a really put me and a really messed up head space and pretty much. What snapped him out of it was what malachi black could've done that's exactly that's exactly how you can dub it does exactly how you can dub it and boom you. Got cody reinserted. That's pretty much how you can do it whether or not. They're going to go in that direction that remains to be seen. I mean. Look if aws got something cooking. They're going to be able to do a lot better than that. Hey i i'm enjoying the ride so far but i'm very concerned. That's that's really what i'm trying to say to you guys. I'm very concerned about how cody is going to be. Reinserted here because it's looking is looking like we're on shaky territory So far here. And i apologize for to pause. I just got something kinda okay. Cool kuku kuku. That's actually good news. Good yeah so that. That's what i'm looking at right now. So we'll we'll see what happens with that terrible asking a question. Do i think siham. Pumpkin co cabana wherever have segment on a w to bury the hatchet. Look these guys are being paid a handsome amount of money to look at your question and answer that question. It would be no different. Than if a w were to ever do business with ric flair and somehow get ric flair to start making appearances there. And a w you've already got arn anderson over there you've already got tully blanchard. Jj daily has already proved that he's willing to do some stuff because we recently saw him on a w and everything so if there was ever a time usually imagine if you were able to get hold of ric flair yamaha four horsemen four horsemen fucking cells. So if you're tony kahn. Or if you're just any wrestling promotion. Hey man i would fucking love it if you know. We got this episode..

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