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A surprise meeting with some texas democrats today. We'll get a report from the room where that happened next. Courageous leaders and american patriots. That is how vice president kamala harris described the texas state. Legislators who managed to block a republican bill restricting voting rights by walking off the house floor and denying the texas house representatives. The quorum needed to pass the bill and a white house meeting meeting today. Some of those texas democrats pleaded for help from congress. Bypassing federal voting protections are seeing are examples of an intent to interfere with that right and attempt to marginalize and take from people a right that has already been given. We are not asking for the bestowal of right. We are talking about the preservation of a right that is the right of citizenship and that fundamental texas democrats have had several meetings with members of congress this week explaining just how dangerous the texas bills restrictions our democracy including a provision that as the dallas morning news reports would have empowered judges to toss out an election without evidence of widespread fraud of provision nicknamed the trump amendment for the ex-president's baseless claims. The twenty. Twenty election was stolen of the meetings. Texas democrats arranged today was a last-minute hastily-arranged discussion with senator joe manchin which lasted for nearly an hour and occurred. After senator mansion released a list of changes he would like to make to the for the people act before he would support it. Joining us now by phone is democratic carson. Henry are from texas. He attended that meeting today with senator mansion and members of the texas state legislature cars from What can you tell us about that. Discussion with senator mansion. And do you believe that he will be able to support of voting rights. Bill that you can't support the answer is yes As you know he did come out with some things that he can work with and some things that he had some concerns. He was very straightforward. He was very sincere. And what i was asked. This morning was if i could set up. A meeting with senator mansion as you know. Senator mentioned that in in my hometown laredo. Some months ago to see the border situation and from there he talked about how he would be supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Today he talked about of course that he Agreed on the right to vote It's it's a very fundamental right and working together We're hoping that we can find a pathway forward to protect the voting rights of all americans and protect our democracy and certainly I wanna thank the senator because within twenty minutes the he arranged the meeting. And i wanna thank them for that. I wanna thank Congressman al green and congresswoman so big at sierra. Who helped me set this meeting up and deported the The my former colleagues Senator royce west. Chairman turner senator. Jose menendez The chair of the texas caucus nicole collier and the vice chair of the election committee. Stay grabbed jessica going salads. And let me tell you what they did was just percent the reality of what we're facing there in texas and as the vice president said we're not asking for something you were just saying protect our fundamental right to vote and and The senator joel manton. I found that. I'm a former Texas secretary of that found that he was also. Daddy was also a secretary of state in west. Virginia so he knows the fundamental right to vote and i think he was very straightforward on what he could work on and what he might have concerns and he gave us the the handout that he put up today congressman henry. Congratulations on putting that meeting together. So quickly and thank you very much for that report from inside the room. We really appreciate it and joining us now. Is texas state representative jeannette gina. In a hosa she was part of the texas democratic delegation that met with vice president kamala harris at the white house today And of what. What would you say you learned at the white house today. And what would you say. The white house learned about the situation in texas. Let me start by saying how humbling it is to know that while. Our president is abroad defending democracy. Our vice-president is working with us to protect our voting rights and secured democracy here at home. Because that's what that state nothing less than our democracy but we go ahead. Sorry go and i was grateful and really honored to have an opportunity to share with her. The voter suppression efforts that have That are republican. Majority has been trying to push through in texas and experienced fighting back in texas and to learn from her to gain insight and learn from her what we can do as texas legislators in the trenches in the fight to help to pastoral voting rights legislation. The the white house is still trying to get The s one through the joe manchin now has some amendments to that he would like to offer to change it in certain ways. Did you any indication from the vice president today that the changes joe mansion watts would be acceptable to the white house. We didn't go into that specific.

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