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New Hampshire, Biden, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Sorry wrong drudgereport does have a a link to record Turner question mark in New Hampshire I didn't click on it look I got to run fast here some bite ten and eleven the point here is Biden involves my name he liked it so much she did it again and after doing it he has fled the New Hampshire conceding defeat and vast has happened before that's what I want to illustrate so here it is Biden yesterday a president who plays a presidential medal of freedom on Rush Limbaugh president who is more should decorated war hero the White House for telling the truth and it was a real hero and has real courage right so there is me verses Veneman again of course Ventolin more on him later not when this happened in the past it happened Arianna see with that was this is the two thousand four and I this this happened when help is either Iowa or New Hampshire this is actually a montage all of the times Howard Dean tried to revive his faltering campaign using me I am tired of having Rush Limbaugh lay claim to the American flag that we are under the thumb of the rush Limbaugh's we are taking our country back piece by piece from the rush Limbaugh's.

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New Hampshire, Biden, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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