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For. For me Thinkable. Case in Tampa people started calling nine one one after spotting a woman throw what looked like a little girl into Tampa Hillsborough river Mardive team responded we, had units here immediately police chief Brian Dugan. Thirty minutes later our dive team about seventy five feet, offshore recovered the, body of a young child and now Twenty-six-year-old Shaquille Vincent is charged with murdering her four year old. Daughter genera Daniels the witnesses say she parked what was later learned to be a, stolen car along the riverbank waded into. The water than through the girl in in, Miami Eban Brown Fox News search for a missing Iowa college, student goes on one. Forcement officials have conducted ground searches including private property talked to. Witnesses and continue to track. Leads in the third week of searching for twenty year old Molly Tibbets we believe that Molly is still alive, and if someone has objected her we are, pleading with you to please Release her mother, Laura Calderwood, the family now hoping as. Police searched that the growing reward will incentivize someone to come. Forward with information that will lead police to. The safe return of Molly. Tibbets who was last seen in Brooklyn, Iowa July eighteenth Jeff monosso. Fox News Sorrento work has begun on the fifty five sets of remains thought to. Be Korean war casualties returned to the United States on Wednesday Rear Admiral John Christ's the deputy director. Of operations saw the methods we have dental records on most of our missing Americans from the Korean war we can also identify some individuals from chest x, rays that went servicemembers came in they were. Tested for tuberculosis had induction test x. rays so if, you have clavicle, bones collar bones we can often identify.

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