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Quarterback tony but one thing we know about him is that his production depends on the talents around them we saw him in washington in the final year when there are a lot of injuries as kyar dropped sixteen points now in minnesota he will be surrounded by talent it's a great situation however in twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty twenty some of that talent is going to go away because of how much they're paying him and his performance could drop so i like this now is win move or like this win now move but beyond that i'm not so sure oh i like it for the three years that you know who's your quarterback going forward that they are going to reference that by getting rid of bridgewater bradford and keenum so it's really not as much of a cost factor as people might believe and i think when you do surround him with great ofensive talent like what he had washington that i think that he is going to at least keep them on a level plain that they have a chance at the super bowl once again as they did this year and really i think it's a great win win for him to go there play indoors he's a mid western guy and it's going to be a good win for the vikings because i get a guy that's a quality quarterback in the top ten at are you vite that okay i get it but you said not as much a cost factor we're talking about twenty eight million per which is the highest yearly salary bonus included and we're talking about lee guarantee for the life of the eighty four million dollars and you don't think that's a cost factor k b how about you it is.

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