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The big dig you tweeting this up yeah that's right now bleacher just fuck you beat me god dammit condiment york fleas sorry this is terrible but anyway we're oh yeah tuesday like tuesday was rough because you gave moat like greg bird finally hit you had five runs should when a baseball game and most of the bullpen was good except for the two guys that have been so dominant in dream in batanes is like if you would've told me coming into it that the anki we're gonna win this game as long as both chad green and all the tencent didn't blow the game out of like take that times ten it happened to be just a very like unite where they both just sorry i'm still okay yeah i we weren't time this is hot macarena grill it was like it's a game they could have won but like you're to dominant relievers had off my like it's it's a rarity i mean what happened was manny machado beat you that's good manny machado defeated in the yankees on fucking susan i it was literally all him and that's why cashman's like i've had enough i'm just gonna trade for this guy dumb shit greg bird homered again in that game we just talk about that that was nice to see a big home run you know really the yankees reading no hit for four innings by perfect into no i think it's perfect game by andrew cashier and and then bird the offense comes alive has an opposite field hit they got another guy on and then bird hits this ball the fucking utah street and they'll sudden like wow we can beat the orioles this can happen and maybe the next pitch the oil saw matt machado senator saturn and was all tied up and yeah the bullpen couldn't hold it did you think judge is gonna rob home homerun to right trotto thinking well i thought that was gonna be the greatest cats ever seen i feel bad from sometimes that we just assume like he's got ball because he's so huge but they are still he was so close to robbing it and he was like full extension reaching it he came down with that that would have led every judge highly real yankee higher real the whole year the it would let everything i think it was that ruko i found the other day not yankee classic already i think this was the game the gary walko against the twins and late april yeah astros now twins the thursday afternoon we're watching at parcel oh act that we barely remember it as proof enough classic i think has to be there should be like a two year like like like i think not with it yeah i mean i'm pretty sure i remember that that was i think yeah that was a bomb that was when they like i think you you were still in your gambling heater data dave had the yankees anyways this i think also there should be a two year like window like you after the game has to be two years old to be on yankees cranky classics classic ajami homer against the twins i'm gonna make like missing that but i'm i would make a little sense but yeah anyways so machado wins do you think dede was safe in the night thing i thought it was like what's the point of replay if dvd's not i mean if like the classics football like not conclusively it was conclusive his hand got there and then you could see the tag comes after that i think the fault on a replay should be neutral doesn't make any sense about to say like it shouldn't be overturn what was it should be looked at it as if it has called that's what i think murder trials should be champion isn't proven guilty britain norway guilty proven you.

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