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Eight thirty. I'm Melinda Roeder several overnight shootings are now under investigation in mckee's port. Police are called to Evans avenue near Bailey avenue around midnight last night. One person was injured in that shooting. In Stoughton township to teenagers were shot last night. One victim an eighteen year old man was shot in the face on Ben would avenue. Moments later in about a block away. A sixteen year old boy was shot multiple times along seventh street. Both were rushed to the hospital in stable condition so far. No arrests. And in Robinson township. Fifty fifty one year old man was shot in the chest and killed after entering a home on forest grove road and threatening a sixty one year old man who lived there police say there was an ongoing dispute between them charges are being considered more than two million drivers are expected to travel the Pennsylvania turnpike. This holiday weekend spokesperson Rene Coburn says today, we'll likely be the busiest but. They're ready for the rush troop t from the Pennsylvania state police. They will be on patrol all weekend long. And we also have our maintenance available twenty four seven just in case of any emergencies. They estimate seven hundred sixty thousand vehicles will be traveling the turnpike by this afternoon. Open streets. Pittsburgh will shut down a four mile loop of roadway in the city's eastern neighbourhoods today. East liberty home would Larimore North Point breeze and shady side are among the area's participating from nine until one o'clock today, coordinator, Alex shoe, zek says they've added some activities for kids this year. Thursday, will learn to ride section, there's an obstacle course. And a of course, there's also family friendly, YMCA classes, major.

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