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Bill W. B. C. Boston's news radio, a member of the Trump family has died. That story straight ahead. Let's get out to the roads. First, we check traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and good Sunday morning, Dave. Good morning to you, too. Sherry in great shape, but the Cape no back upset. Neither of the Cape Cod bridges disabled vehicle on Route three by Derby Street, But traffic is light. It shouldn't be an issue routes 20 for 95 right on time to and from Rhode Island lower end of 93 in 1 28 Check out OK, and the expressway is wide open a 10 minute ride. In downtown all is well, a little bit crowded at the beginning of the Ted Williams Tunnel westbound at the airport, though, in Cambridge, the O'Brien Highway, a pound scheduled to be close between Land Boulevard in the East Street in Cambridge. Until tonight, the Pike is right on time between Austin and Auburn to 90 East taps the brakes at times approaching Main Street in Shrewsbury, where two left lanes closed for bridgework all weekend. North of the city on for 95 South bound a disabled vehicle in the right lane between exits 49 48 cabled award Hill connected. That's an area where they've been rebuilding that bridge, and they have ongoing lane shifts and reduction so something for folks in the area to be aware of David struck Feli. No W B Z traffic, Other threes and Alice Check the AccuWeather forecast. There's a high surf advisory in effect from a M until 8 p.m. Today. And whether rise plenty of clouds breezy and cool. We'll see a Sprinkle or too near Boston. Steadier rain should arrive by early this afternoon on the islands along the south shore in parts of the Cape will see a high of just 73 today.

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