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Corner you will score are not obeying moi to home he will score without a frail turnovers story to double three keith kid has all the last couple of nights colorado eighty rbi zoom this season now for trevor that was a big blow after the marlins that scored three times in the top of the fourth inning in desmond would it added an rbi single so the rockies would get that six ronit vantage again through out this series the rockies did a wonderful job of containing the leading a homerun hitter in baseball that of course john carlos stanton from 300 to three to john grave fires of with a high carlos stanton down on strikes were the third time today giancarlo stanton had one hit in this series was certainly one of the factors in the rockies taking two of three another factor good starting pitching in the low two games than john gray except for the little hickup in the third inning or make that the fourth inning when he gave up the three runs john was solid again two outs and nobody on gray fire soon the pitches hit the right cargo backing up going to get to this baseball makes the basket gets out number three john gray after that to a fourthinning comes back with a onetwothree onetwothree six and four june it meant thirteen consecutive starts now in which he has allowed three runs their lists soon that is a rockies more kitchen our congratulations to joan as he picks up his tenth win of the season the rockies would put things away in the bottom of the sixthinning years a too warned against dallas groundball hit prayer down the rightfield side that's off the global or the.

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