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It's tom it follows president trump's decision last year to send an additional three and a half thousand troops to the country bringing the us total to nearly fifteen thousand all part of a more aggressive strategy to help fight the taliban and to deal with the rising threat from the group known as islamic state britain already has around six hundred troops based in the capital kabul helping train afghan forces it's understood the defense secretary gavin williamson has recommended sending up to four hundred more again to help train a not in a return to combat a statement for the ministry of defence at only that the uk's military contribution was kept under constant review any announcement is likely to be timed to coincide with the nato summit in july president trump has attempted to put his plan summit with kim jong un back on track by promising the north korean leader he would remain in power if he gives up his nuclear weapons speaking after pyongyang suggested the encounter might not go ahead mr trump distanced himself from comments by his national security adviser john bolton who angered the north korean spy referring to libya as a model for denuclearization from washington our correspondent barbara plant asher president trump is still hopeful the summit will go ahead and he tried to reassure the north koreans by emphasizing that his administration was not seeking regime change he stressed that the deal he had in mind would give very strong protections to kim jong but he may have undermined his intention because of his confusion over the meaning of remarks by his national security adviser john bolton mr bolton had angered the north koreans by saying the administration would follow the libya model that is libya gave up all its nuclear material and only then got sanctions relief the north koreans don't like this approach but they also blamed the libya deal for the eventual downfall of colonel qaddafi mr trump had this in mind when he insisted that libya was not in fact the template for north korea but the president went on to suggest that mr bolton meant north korea would suffer the same fate is libya if it did not agree to get rid of its nuclear weapons and that could sound like a threat to pyongyang the speaker of the house of commons john berko has.

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