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Justin Barkley in the Glen back program in for going back today. Of course, if you'd like to get a hold of this, you can will tell you how come in apparent just a little bit but want to go to Wayne County in Detroit and talk to my good friend, former senator from Michigan, Patrick Cole back who joins us right now to talk about what happened. Behind the boxes taped up to the window and formally Cobo Hall TCF center there in Detroit and again, not only to what happened that day. But what's been happening since, as Patrick has been digging into this to find out what happened in this election and get the truth. Appreciate you joining us here today. Patrick, How are you? I'm doing great, and it's actually kind of difficult for me to say what happened behind the cardboard because I was one of those spokes blocked from actually getting back into the room. I had been pulling a marathon shift as itwas and had Gone upstairs, the trainer next batch of pole challengers when I was told that they're about ready to counter military ballots, and you know we've been waiting for that, because there They've been sitting up on the central stage there at the 80 counting board Detroit for about three hours or so. And this is a big deal when you count military ballots because you come in a non standard format, and you got to duplicate him. And if you're gonna duplicate him to a standard to a format that can be read by the tabulator. You want to make sure that you have a Republican and a Democrat president? Well, they chose the time when they blocked everybody out from being able to go in there and witness that exercise. They They put that time to go off and count the military ballots. Oh, Patrick set the scene for us inside that we've heard a lot about what happened that day. And we heard the cheers when Republican challengers would get kicked out of the center from from these supposedly nonpartisan individuals who were there working inside. Um, what was that? Like? What was the scene like that day? Well, when I got there around five o'clock on election day, and it was much quieter, then everything with orderly And throughout the night, it actually got real quiet around midnight or so and start getting very interesting around 3 45 or so when the back doors of the Cobra Center opened up when we got a special delivery about 61 mail bins Of new ballots and an unsecured manner that were then distributed with a whole bunch of new supplemental Pole book entry. So everything was suspect. Um Pretty much throughout the whole night. There's pull challengers that we're being denied access, actually see what was going on? They're using bogus covert rules that were already um There's a injunction put on them from courts. That s misty's covert rule. But that didn't keep the poll workers from a 13. Which created a lot of conflict. Throughout the night. They very conflict where pull challengers were prohibited from going into the Detroit Davie County board was based on some bogus covert capacity rule that they invented. Um And so there is a there is chaos is what it comes down. Frankly, and our poll challengers were very diligent at identifying systematically. What was going on. You know you you're from Michigan. You understand that? The Wayne County and Detroit in particular zone, got a hot bed for election fraud and the difference this year with that we actually went out there and did something about it. We had a lot of people standing up. All across Michigan That came down. We have people from northern Michigan coming down the Wayne County to go off and review what was actually going on. Detroit and what we saw was not pretty. And there's a lot of documented after Davis. I think the last count More near 200, maybe more closer to 106 years. So after David for specific statutory violations that we observed, and you know my testimony already we've been talking about this. Talking about the fact that our systems were connected to the Internet, which that essentially mill ified the whole election integrity. Chain of custody argument for the Detroit 80 counting board. There is no scene of custody and there is no integrity. Let me let me slow you down a little bit, because what's happening here is one is what tends to happen again. I said that at the beginning this we went from without evidence. The Trump campaign makes these claims. Right. So now we have this mountain of evidence that's literally cascaded into an avalanche. And it mean it's coming at you fast. So you're a guy who you're deep in this evidence to I mean, you're you're skiing down the mountain. You are literally fighting through this thing as we speak, so let's back up and give people little bit of Ah pasta. They can understand this 200 some on affidavit. This is from people who say we saw something that didn't look on the up and up Now look. Let's I know you're an honest man, Patrick. But let me ask you. Is it possible that some of those folks what they saw? Maybe they just misunderstood and that what they saw? Let's say that half of them, you know, half of them says Saw something so that we still love over 100 people now. It possibly could have seen things that weren't on the up and up Now, this is eyewitness testimony. This is evidence. Let's dig into it further because now because now we've got the eye witnesses. We really have to start to look at who these people are, and we're gonna start to get into that a little bit further, but you're one of them. So let's talk about who you are. You're not just a former, you know, Republican State Senator here in Michigan. You're you're a guy who was an engineer who worked on the space station. So you got a little bit of a I would say, Uh uh, leg up on credibility here, don't you? I would like to think so particular when it comes to network connection, the muscle a certified Microsoft small business special, So I've set up a few networks in my day..

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