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A gift cards bhoumik a shake salvation army destroy your cash will take that to anything and everything else up and have had a lot of people in male me and say who to donate to if you want to bring something down we're located at forty six ninety five south monaco street and that's in the tech center off bellevue for some reason sometimes people's gps takes them like north to sets out of than yeah it's south monaco and it's right off bellevue and we'll he's going to be out there till seven o'clock we'll check back in before the end of the show and see and i want you guys to pull up and say i heard you on mandy share of say he knows that our listeners are not heartless we're of inattention i love your show i'm such a fan of it and you in the way you know you dave it has been you are such a guy i think that's like a real high praise all right i'm your biggest fan of you are fantastic i absolutely love you stop it you bring the heat growth i got all kinds of stuff today was the headlines three super volcanoes we got a solar storm we got john i am telling you were in the end times willoughby right now they're little ladies knitting their crochet do italy's for when they go to the great beyond i'm telling you this times with the way ever the end fires i forgot the god yeah the fires the fires everything's on fire could just get the hurricane to go over the fires everything would be fine that would be is this is where we need the government people taking care of this yet really get back downstairs and there gosnell multi rtc male check back in about four i'll alkhawjah so if you have the time if you wanna just sit by making donation i will say this i can assure you one hundred percent that if you drop off a cash donation it we'll get to the right people in houston i trust willie willie that much i mean he's you know who else does that's who has like yeah let's it up a bunch of trailers and drive dave we we are not nice people do you realize this we did a gofundme me account to send ourselves on vacation israeli which by the way we're going not this weekend but the.

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