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You think, Keynes and no brainer Because I'm I don't. I don't think he is, but I think I would lean to Yes. I think we named the three that are the no brainers. And from there there are solid discussions. You want a defenseman in here was Erik Karlsson. Generational. No. Was is I mean, look, I'm trying to think of a defenseman who was generational, right? That's right. I mean, now we're you know, we're getting to like the old Bobby Orr discussion. I don't know that I have a guy stronger. No, No, I don't have laws Keep going or is Lidstrom. Lidstrom. Yes, that's your best bet I think. Yeah, right. Lidstrom? Yes. Yeah, That's your best that good that long the best at what he did? Yes. No, Chelios, Um Bork. It would be the next guy would nominate no on board, huh? So Jesus, let's get some text on this other other names is pretty good Names coming Intense Hman, Obviously. Rasmus dulling, Um Boy. Who else? Jonathan quickly of defenseman recently have gone into the hall. I mean, I know that Al McInnis no, um, we're missing. I feel like we're missing some defenseman really badly. Nobody from Pittsburgh like now, am I going back to like coffee? Uh, he's not generational. No. Yeah, I don't know. But I think a defenseman is a harder discussion. Um, I love the Kaine discussion. That's really it. I'm really struggling with that one. I I I think he is, but I can't. Yeah, it's not a slam dunk. Uh, Here's a text. Zidane, Achara. No. Mm hmm. Club. I wouldn't take him over Lidstrom. No, I agree. Uh, I just wouldn't I mean generational. It was your really, really you're talking about again. How often does that guy come along? Only char was a freak show. Obviously, usually don't find six FT seven defenseman who are like him. All right. Ciara, huh? Let's go to goaltender. Harsh. Yes, Yeah, There's no question Hashtag Long Quist. No. No, because I mean, Mike Richter was a really good golly for the Rangers to his numbers hanging up in the rafters. No, it's not going to retire. Long question. Oh, for sure, he'll be retired. But that doesn't make you generational. Yeah. You know, you can be a great player of your number, retired and not be generational at your job, carry prices and no, no, he was drafted fifth. Overall, There's there's like that's almost like the Eichel conversation has carry price lived up to the billing. Of the fifth overall pick right. He's supposed to be Marc Andre Fleury was the first overall pick. Yeah, because Cary Price often has been the face of their franchise and had some great not lately but has had some phenomenal seasons. Yes, I think he's lived up to what the building was freedom. Yeah, I mean, he's Into the All Star game. He won the Hart Trophy. That's pretty good for a goaltender, and there have been years where they made the playoffs, chiefly because of Carey Price He's not once won the Vezina Mhm. You get drafted fifth overall. Best goalie, you know, blah, blah. No visit us. Has. You know, Mark Country floor is a tough one. There. Generational Goalies, um, Tajik and it's wok. Yeah, And I mean, does broad or get this treatment. I know right like that. I think I don't think so. Martin Brodeur cannot be generational, right? Don't think so. I don't. I mean, we're talking rarefied air at their position. And I know he's got I get it. He's got the cops and we got some defenseman being texted ahead. Scott Niedermayer, No. Alex Pietrangelo. No Scott Stevens. No. Brian Leetch. No, no, He's really, really good. But again, generational is a big step. It's a really lofty thing. You can be amazing and it's no like we said No. One. McKinnon. Yeah, And he's great. Amazing. We're talking like one of the best ever to play at your position makes you like Ovechkin obviously and Crosby, right? Those guys are generation. I think a texter has it right. It's one of the best in 20 years isn't a generation 20 years. Uh, Yeah, I guess that's about 30 tops. The idea is How long it takes you to have kids. Yeah, That's what I'm saying. 20 years 30. You can get to 30 have your first kid and that's the next generation some 30. I'm stretching 20 to 30 year window, then that's how good you have to be. No. And Lidstrom's in that window. Yeah, I think lynched him is the best out of everybody We named unless you're a fan of Ray Bork. Thanks for the text. I mean, I think it's a Good point to bring up. And I mean, look at the conversation. We got out of it. Yeah, I think the priority just making big contributions. That's why we That's why we get connected with our fans. That's right. I think that's what's going to hurt if Iculs traded right and we're closing, Let's say we're closing the chapter on the Sabres career, and I don't know what the future holds for him, but I think it be self. He's going to have a great career. What's going to hurt him? Yeah, is you're going to look at and go. Yeah. Okay. You can give me a stat line. 300. What is it 350 something points and 370 or 80 games. And all that libel Baba and they sucked for six years like, but that's not his fault. I mean, he you know if It just seems silly to to attach him to the team failure and say that reflects negatively on Eichel. I don't care about his stat line. I don't care about his hands, his speed his vision. I don't care about the fact when he started rushing up ice, you would move to the edge of your seat. If you're at the arena. I don't care about the T shirts would said, I'm just here to see Jack. I don't care about any of that stuff. Guys. His Sabres career will be linked forever with Failure. It's not his fault, and that shouldn't take away from a tank or him and what he did and how he's got. I'm speaking about him as it's in the past, already how he would be remembered as a Buffalo sabre. He's one of the most talented players. It's the most talented player they had in the drought, but he's one of the most talented players I've seen now. I haven't been here since day one. Okay..

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