Jeff, Zack Wilson, First Impression discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks


I always think it's interesting. When you get that. First impression story you hear about the recruitment their exact wilson but also kind of going back to that theme right the playmaking. The competitiveness of zack wilson is what What byu was fired up about when they brought a mint. Yeah i think you certainly want to be fired up about what he brings to the table. And i think grime certainly had an opportunity to jump in the process in recruiting identifying him in kind of have the imagination of a. This is what this guy could do and our offense and when you think about building an offense around a unique talent like debt wilson. I mean i can understand why he was so ecstatic to have him come on board. Yeah well it. It definitely worked out for all parties. Involved here Jeff grimes you know. Talk about the recruiting recruiting process and that first impression there that gets us into this transition here as we lean more towards The byu years the college years in the evaluation of zack in his skill set Jeff again Talking about that development and place there at be why you know. Think about that confidence to one thing that stands out to me when i watch them. We'll tape he plays with such an unbelievable confidence..

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