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Yeah, those are probably my top two would be those two right now. And the other guy I think is a hell of a coach who again we talked about it early in this this broadcast name is Mark Schmidt at Saint Bonaventure. Yeah, hell of a coach hell of a mid-major coach should get the Boston College job. Honestly, he's in Alam. He should get it off. Um. All right. Listen, what about a little more? What about Mark poll? I like Mark Pho. I've said if Arizona fires Sean Miller, he should be in the mix of Zona. Absolutely. It's got energy. I mean there's how to get kids to play hard. He can connect with kids. He could teach big men like his big men have have really gotten better even dating back to like ye Vali. I saw him play a few years ago in Vegas with Utah Valley and I thought he he absolutely maximize his talent on that team. So I'm with you I think looks really good really good. And again, like if you want a coach I can go out there and you know play pick up and and and and jump in and do some things off. I don't know how many people seriously like like we should we should do that at some point obviously is and that should be an option to someone like Who's the who are the coaches right now that that you would pick still pick a Play Place a pick-up game? Yeah, like like cuz like Patrick Ewing's a little bit older like you'd say like elite-level. Yeah. I think that he would probably like physically not write his knees have got a pulled out her off your guys like Juwan Howard. Absolutely, right? It seems like yeah David Stevens would be one totally totally and we should do that. This song will do is I will make that a absolutely we can we can make fun and we can do the worst guys to on the other end the guys you pick the last of everybody. Everybody knows you what you could say painter dead. Then really piss them off. I've never seen him play pick up his feet his feet. I don't think he can fly. We need like old video of painter. We we need it. We need to play some old video of paying around a pod in the offseason. All right. Well, let's put it thanks to everybody for joining us on this special bracket edition of the Goodman and Homo podcast. We're going to try to do something else later this week. It might be Friday morning. It might be Thursday night. We're both going to be in Indy will try to figure out a time and and and we can jump on and and kind of preview some of these games and see what else has happened between now and then, but thanks for joining us and we'll talk to you later this week..

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