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Marvin just found out who's who and what's what? It's a Friday fritzy. Like never before. Like a Saturday, pretty. I knew when you booked Troy Aikman, you were gonna start to coast a little bit. But that's her off at that point. I hope Troy doesn't bail on us today. Tom and North Carolina, hi Tom, what's on your mind today? Good morning, Dan. Good morning. A couple of observations from last night and a real important question. Tom Brady broke Ben Roethlisberger's sac record last night. Most times set and also Jeff Darlington had reported that Tom Brady had said it was locker after everyone on the left in full pads was he considered a mug in at that time and also is it too far fetched to think that Tampa Bay could possibly bench Tom Brady. I mean, man in the last year was in the full year. Eli Manning got benched. Yeah, but Peyton Peyton couldn't play. He wasn't healthy. Tom's not the only problem and Tom can still play, probably at a really high level, the question is, are they going to get healthy on the offensive line? And probably not. But to me, it's even more important for the defense to step up. And be elite because normally when we talk about Tampa, you're talking about the offense. Now's the time for the defense. To be formidable. And they weren't last night when you give them up over 450 yards. And allowing them 7 yards to carry. Jeff Darlington and ESPN did lead sports center with that today. He talked about I was very weird that after all his teammates were showered in street clothes and leaving, Brady was in full uniform sitting in front of his locker and it's almost like he was inferring that there was more to this game or there could be fallout. He didn't say anything. He didn't say like, I could see him retiring. I could see him, whatever, but he was heavy on the fact that he did that. Brady stayed in uniform after the game. Well, this is new. You know, he's so used to. We had one or two losses in a row. Now it's three losses in a row. Now you're three and 5. You don't play in a good division. The NFC is not as good as the AFC. But you start

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