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And WBZ Chicago. This is Wait, Wait. Don t tell me the NPR news quiz. Hey, there, Chicago. We build this city. We build this city on rock and roll. That I'm Bill Kurtis and now a man who is feeling great after getting his booster seats, it's Peter Sagal. Thank you, Bill. And thanks to the live audience we had a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still not ready to let go of Later on, We're going to be talking to Anthony Perez ski known as the Food guy on Queer Eye, who has a new cookbook out with tips and tricks for the home. Cook like how to chop vegetables with nothing but your fantastically sharp cheekbones. But first we want to hear what you've got Cooking. Give us a call. The number is one triple eight. Wait, Wait. That's 18889248924. Hi. You're on. Wait, Wait. Don t tell me. Hi. This is Kevin Gordon from Eugene. Oregon. Hey, how are things in Eugene? Great little bit smoky with the wildfires. Yeah. What do you do there? I'm elementary school Principal. Oh, my gosh. Nothing like running a school during a global pandemic. It's the best I was about to say A. I am responding at least emotionally with the same kind of awe that I would for meeting like a frontline soldier. You guys have been bearing the brunt of it. Are the are the kids showing any sign of like little lingering effect of having a year off to like they keep trying to reach out and and mute their teacher with their, you know, just reaching out in the air a little bit. Yeah, there's there's a There's a little bit of technology hangover and, you know they're navigating being live and in person. Yeah, I can imagine. No. We can see you. Please don't pick your nose like that. Well, actually, they're kids. They will for sure. Kevin. Welcome to the show. Let me introduce you to this week's panel. First up. He's the host of the overly personal podcast, TV T l and the public radio variety show livewire. It's Luke Burbank. Hey, Kevin. Highly next. She's host of this scam, Got his podcast on ear Wolf and in the cast of iCarly, It's Lacey Mosley. So sorry you have to wear pants again. Everything's in person now. And finally, it's the comedian you can see off Broadway this fall in Autumn Royal at the Irish rep. It's made Megan's Kevin. Hi. How are you doing? I'm OK. Thank you. All right, Kevin. Well, you're going to play Who's Bill this time? Bill Kurtis is going to read you. Of course. Three quotations from this week's news. You knew that If you correctly identify or explain two of them, you will win our prize. Any voice from our show? You might choose for your voicemail. You ready to play? I'm ready. Here we go. All right. So are we. Here is your first quote. First they think you're crazy. Then they fight you and then you change the world. That was the catchphrase of Elizabeth Holmes, the woman currently on trial because what company Didn't actually change the world. I want to say Here, you know, So you're sure close enough. It was It was fair enough. Or.

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