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That's a fucking horrible. it's yeah disgusting. I have two daughters. I mean it's it's horrible but it was happening. I'm sure there were girls that actually got. Yeah you know. Watch the footage and and every time. There's a pair of tickets that's going through the crowd. you see. it's like not like oh it's like young dude. It's like it's like watching dylan moran get ripped apart in charlotte are dead down you know. And and it's it's disgusting to hear the promoters downplay that and be like. Oh you know. I think some people go. There were some knuckleheads. And it's like no there's fucking rapist. And i mean you have a crowd of four hundred thousand people not everybody in there gonna have the most positive of yes. Well there they don't have the most healthy mindset and they don't have the the best wherewithal for everybody there and i think that there are people that it's like end inhibited. By puzzling to buy drugs and alcohol prime gonna. Yeah what's like what's what four ted. What makes me think of. it is It's like sharks like you. Just cut your hand and put it in the water in the sharks. Come and that's that's something that i feel like it you know and then later on that woman Who wanna purple hair. Who set up that message board and she was. I've got dozens and dozens of email. I think there were four sexual assaults and all that were just rewarded. That means there's probably twenty on like there's probably more than that So to hear them down play. That is what that guy deck. I put his foot in his mouth. Fucking royally through this whole thing. I mean really really shot himself in the foot that honestly my stomach term. When he's like reaced on the damp play that man that was like i was like like 'cause like up until that point. It's you know the festival is. It is what it is like. Everyone's just riding around and then once you get to the sexual assault angle. It's like nar. This is your serious there are there are serious crimes committed and this just like downplays just in the most I guess backhanded way possible. Yeah why i loved when dexter holland from the offspring was just like. Hey just because she's crowd surfing without your right to start squeezing ted's and that guy by the way like have the offspring is a head of the band okay. I'm sure i'm sure you would know us all if you heard it. But that guy has like a phd microbiology. He was valedictorian of his high school. Like is genius. He's a very smart. I a huge huge offering fan. We grew up with them We had that whatever album had gone away. I think i might have been like a and the hombre. We had that on tape and we listen to that like all the time. I can't remember what else highland to. Yeah dude that guy. He's he's a very smart. i but i i you know there is something to where it's like as you're watching it. What i was kinda thinking like you know if they had done this when i was eighteen. Nineteen twenty years old. What bands would have kind there. Probably were big festivals. I just didn't go down because i was broke. You know the one thousand nine hundred twenty years old. It probably would have been like.

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