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You know, making yourself kind of part of the action, I'm good there. I could do without that initially. I said, I can't believe the NBA didn't say anything within. I realized, oh, it's Adam silver to do anything. I don't want to. I want to sit in my office and look at my name plate. That says NBA Commissioner. But at some point, you would think that the efficient would be some kind of quiet directed the ficials say, sir, stay in your seat. You're, you're running up and down your looks like he's he was coaching. I mean you know, he's running up and down. He's yelling at Janas taken free throws. He's able to walk up and down. And you know, that's part of look not to be doom and gloom guy obviously, but eventually, something's going to happen because entertainers, you know, people who sit in the front row at NBA games that line is blurred. You'll before the games the players are talking to them, when they're the stars and eventually, I can stand up on here and I can start saying some stuff and I can I can walk into the huddle and say something here, he goes back to Calvin Klein did it right? What was it with the Knicks when he walked up to Latrell Sprewell just started talking to him on an inbounds pass like oh, did you can't just walk up and do it? But people think I can be that close and I can do it in this kind of exacerbates that situation a little bit. Yeah. It's just it's just too much. It just it's too much and ends up. What should be ridiculously likable story ends up, making you think, like I can't stand that guy and there, there's no reason for you to not stand. The raptors drafters have built this thing. They got close. They made a dramatic move where they, they jettison, and all star. To get a guy who had a one year, one year, left on his deal and said he to everybody apparently wants to play in Los Angeles. And they took a chance and it's worked like all of these things getting rid of a coach that was coach of the year in the NBA firing him last year. I guess a dramatic move. So but there's a lot of good to the raptor story. It's just it's just too much. It's like the double stuffed cookies, just too much. How what if it wasn't drink? What if it was somebody different, but it's not. But, but I'm saying somebody different if something of an artist that you liked a little bit more. This like Drake. I just don't get the whole Drake thing like jam which is fine. I mean, but Drake's he's not my jam would mean if Drake song comes on or I don't have breakup your who's your, who's one of your favorite bands or slash singers. You listen to still listen to now sing along songs in the car, I listen to I'm like, when my kids don't get time in the car. It's whatever your tons of time in the car. I just, honestly I listen to sports radio most the time kind of a loser like that. I mean, like look, if I have I have a list that my son plays from the chain smokers Kodak black the hotel town road. Little pump meek mill with with Drake. Kendrick Lamar he likes Tiga. You know, I'm like, I just listen to whatever he listens to, and that's I, you know, and he kind of I'm not saying I don't there just isn't a comparable. He's in arguably the most well known current hip hop. Rap artists in the world, right? Arguably that's that's still pumping out albums whenever like snoop is on undisputed last week. Snoop is probably as well or more well known, but not pumping out the albums Drake's. Lamar. Yeah they're your top. Right. So I don't think there is you can't part of the reason that the show him because it's strike if you're ESPN ABC part of the reason you do because it's drink, but then it just becomes too much. And you're just like this guy annoys me, you know, so we, there was Spike Lee to with the Knicks because I was there with spike, although spike never left to seat. He would he would stay not. He would stay shout, but he would stay in. It was just I don't dig the don't dig the, the guy who yells at players on the when you're not in the game, sorta guy the trash talk from the fan. I don't care. How successful you are. Like I just don't think you do that. Did that happen to you? In college taking the ball out out of bounds play college more college students. Yes, they say stupid stuff you played in Europe. That happened or. No. They, they cheer enchant things like singing Chan things. There was there was no like. Yeah. This is a cowboy no say, no, they'll cheer enchant things sometimes that aren't particularly the planning. And if you know, the language that your of your planning like, oh, yeah, that's great. But, like individually yell at you or if they do you can't understand them. But you knew you knew some of the you could translate some of the chance. Well, I mean like wh is Russia. They didn't really chat. Like they didn't when I was there was a little more tame that they blew Kazue's, and they played played our group our guy played by Bon Jovi and stuff. And then when I was in Israel, they sing and they're much more into it. And there's a couple of words that they say that, you know what they mean and I couldn't couldn't repeat because even though I would be cursing in, in Hebrew, so I still curse. Right, right. That's good. That's good. Today's show brought to you by Mercedes AM g prepared for whatever comes your way. In the all new GT four door coupe because life is a race. Visit your local dealership for a test drive today, coming up next maybe kyri and LeBron could be a great partnership. But maybe not after what we heard today that's coming up next. Jason smith. Doug Gottlieb in for Dan of the dannettes. This is Fox Sports radio. 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