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Used so much so much annoyingly so much going into the season was bounced back. That was the word we used over and over and over. When you look at the guys that we talked about, Ah, lot of those guys. They're having those bounce back seasons. Avisail Garcia is absolutely having Compounce back season. There you go, Greg hitting the ding, your light ups, manager Insights and a preview of tonight's game. Came right now. This is Brewer's warm up. Here's Matt Bali. What a day we've had today. Here on Wtmj. Also on our sister station, 94 5, ESPN three games between the Brewers in the bubble, We hope We hope three games between the Brewers in the box and attempted three games between the Brewers in the box. We've gotten two of them in and both victories. Bucks were able to finish off the Miami heat and four the Brewers earlier day they knock off Washington by a 41 score, and now they're looking for a doubleheader sweep tonight. Let's talk a little bit about the weather, because that's what a lot of people are keeping their eye on. They really It was kind of spitting and drizzling and doing stuff like that during the first game. But they were able to get through. They were able to get through it. And that was that was good. Now the question is, Can they get through the second game? That is a very good question. When you take a look at the radar I'm not a meteorologist. I don't play one on the radio. All I can do is bring up the weather dot com app and press play on the radar, and especially when it's got the projected times and tell you when the green stuff is on top of the area where they're trying to play baseball game. So I could tell you that that green stuff it gets over the Nationals ballpark but seven o'clock central time. That's that's the projection as it is right now. Hey, you never know it could go North. Could go south. It could break up. Whether does weird, funky things, but we might We might be in for a long evening together here on WTMJ, and that's OK. That's OK. We've had a long day. We're ready to have a long evening and we'll see if the Brewers cannot pull off the doubleheader sweep today. Of the Washington Nationals. Goodwin Goodwin in that first game in case you were completely locked in on what happened with the Bucks game. We will kind of go back through exactly what happened in this first game of our Brewers doubleheader coming up in our next segment. I'll take you till about 5 30 a little bit after And then our network coverage is set to begin in five of 40 different timing Tonight. It is a national TV game. That was another thing about all this so They did this split doubleheader. You know, the day night doubleheader. Part of that was because it is a national TV game tonight. They had to play the first game early enough. That hopefully it would not go so long that it would infringe on the national TV window this evening, so there's been There's been a lot going on, and yeah, they were able to get in the game. That's the most. That's the most important thing. Little history. We're gonna have a history lesson later on this half hour before we take the news at five o'clock based off some things that happened in the game. Today, the starting lineup is out and Christian knowledge is not in the line up. A lot of people are kind of wonder about that on everyday basis. I don't think there was ever going to be the expectation that he would be in the lineup for the second game, having to play two games as he continues to come back from the back issue. Certainly that is something that would not be preferable. So that is the way the lineup is set for game number two. There is no there's no Christian knowledge and we'll see whether or not he actually gets into the game or not hit a triple in the first game by the way, brewers hit for the cycle. Not any individual. The Brewers hit for the cycle. They had four hits in the first game, a single a double a triple at home run. So the Brewers hit for the team cycle, and that was it. There's there's some historic nature to that as well. But how often that has happened in the history of the organization, so we will death certainly discuss that. Coming up later on in the program as well, if you want to chime in 85561616 28 5561616 20 that is the accurate mortgage talking tax line. You can also tweet into the program, if you like at Matt Paulie on air M A T t p a U l E Y on air again. We are watching the weather situation. That is what we have our eyes on and this one tonight. And I think I think we're going to get this one started. I would be relatively surprised if we are able to See it played without some sort of delay, although to be to be fair. I've never won that when I'm wrong. I'm never one that's runs away from the fact that I could be wrong on things I would have said the exact same thing. About game number one that I thought it some point in time there was going to be a delay and there wasn't so I was wrong about that time. But let's hope I'm wrong about this. And the Brewers can play this second game of the twin bill today and be in good shape going into the Syriza finale coming up tomorrow afternoon again. If you want to join us, you can do so. 85561616 28 5561616 20. That's the accurate mortgage talking tax line. You could tweet into the program as well. At Matt, Paulie on air got a little bit of an extended program We joined. I do per brewers warm up for a half hour today..

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