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The string of bb gun vandalism that boise police have been trying to solve for a good month now may have spread to nampa died aho statesman is repeating a 10 businesses in nampa have had their windows shot out since october twenty fifth week or so after businesses in boise began suffering the same vandalism in nampo the affected businesses are on garrity the caldwell boulevard and twelve th avenue in boise the businesses are downtown and state street in all 34 businesses or more have been apprised you have any information that could help the investigations the boise and nampa police departments ask you to give them a call jay howell six seventy kboi texas billionaire's dan and ferriss wilkes want land and a lot of it two brothers from texas purchase tens of thousands of acres of land and in doing so have raised a lot of questions about access to public lands here in idaho k i iv i tv reports the brothers so they're hydraulic fracturing company for three and a half billion dollars and since then had bought more than five hundred thousand acres of land across five states including idaho in idaho alone they purchased private land stretching from boise county to idaho county now as far as the state goes they say there have been issues yet with d f development kboi weather cool down on the way fifty one chance of showers today showers likely tonight could mix with little snow in the early morning hours chance of showers and just forty six tomorrow ron o'brien six seventy for p one 52 you wanted to ga p one fifty ny p one fifty ok p one fifty tnc two fifty ac two fifty ec.

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