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Ever spend, and we'll give you a safety guard dog face mask and a flashlight. Joey TI. L will keep it cool, but it's hard to spell it was just to get together. No big deal. Everybody felt fine. But now I'm super sick. Everyone is sick. I just wish we had been more careful. It would have been easier than this. So wear a mask. Do what you can outside. Keep 6 Ft of distance. Because some things you just can't take back. Do your part to lower the risk learned Maura Cove in 19 dot see a dot gov brought to you by the centre at Sierra Health Foundation. Kay. If I am 6 40 is meant to be You failed to space, but I never showed you. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Sammy. Put some arm into the is what level your commitment. And because I never told you mind no one never show you. Why. What do you want me to hold me back? You won't love me like you want me for Call me back. This is Costa Cooly state. Now here's your guest host. Richard Sarit. Welcome back. Say hello on Twitter at Richard. Sarah s. Why? Because I love you. R E double T. This is Laura Cole and never.

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