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We train which is starting up this here to stay campaign thanks for understanding thanks for helping us understand what you doing keep a surprised as to how this organizing africa was still think you're retro thanks right will be right back stay with us <music> every so often the news gods give us a story that a so so well we frankly upfront the paper dick us that you i kind of pass on being outraged about it you can you can be outraged about it if you want but you can also just yeah the news gods i think are in good humor tonight because they they've given is one of those made it's been a hard week for them to i don't know always got this one final story we just got again tonight it's not it's a lockout loud not and it is about barrack naked corruption naturally that stories next <music> <music> this is our right does it is also the funniest thing i've heard all day <hes> not of read recently in the new york times their reported that a whopping real estate family was in talks to by the miami marlins baseball team <hes> if you're thinking when you see the headline about that chris your family if you're thinking cause says that any relation to jared kuester and yes grand slam for you get jerry pressure is the son a lot of the president also senior advisor to the president and it is that cushion her family lead in this case by jared brother that is reportedly in talks to by the miami marlins baseball team we knew that tonight here's the update and edition of the news the miami marlins are possibly being sold to the white house connected kuester family whenever hearing that the owner of the miami marlins is up for a nice new ambassadors ship one again not that in a perhaps i think the curse here manly my possibly get a better deal on the baseball team deal if they probably not there enough ramps to give uh along with the negotiations

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