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A key component used in manufacturing respirators and the protective gear front line responders need learn more about the production of this valuable equipment at peninsular cylinders dot com bubble face talk Detroit and the patriot Detroit on social media in our streaming apps to hear more still open spotlight stories we have the traffic and weather four times an hour I'm John Bailey of the patriots FM one oh one point five AM fourteen hundred in the journey of help transform your life tune in to help as a choice taking a natural approach to wellness with Kerry Meryl and are privileged account Gary is an expert in holistic health he will take your questions bring you the latest health related information tune in every Saturday morning at ten AM for help is a choice taking a natural approach to wellness Saturday on W. D. T. K. F. M. one a one point five ten AM fourteen hundred the patriots if you like the patriot you'll love the mobile app instantly connect with your favorite hosts with just a few taps on your phone or tablet the Mike Gallagher show endemic in America the federal government is a partner in this obviously I spoke to the president I spoke to the vice president I spoke to Jared Kushner in the White House has been very helpful the president's initial efforts were designed and preventing the corona virus from coming into the United States and what our experts have told us again and again is that those actions bought us a significant amount of time on this curve let's return to Mike and the relief sector dot com studio I.

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