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Do some tidbits ready number one tesla in the aftermarket closed at three o one i got a two eighty six now interesting enough they beat estimates ready estimates were for a loss of three dollars and fifty three cents a share they came in the loss of three thousand thirty five cents a share but we're making progress remember what i told you nothing against the lon musk and the very nice cars but if they were selling steel pipe it would be a fifty dollar stock at best seriously they're going to have to raise a ton of money going forward apple i got it finished up today seven thousand forty seven cents but i gotta tell you the other party equation i don't think apple would have been up today if not for the buyback i also did some other things apple bought back twenty seven billion dollars of stock in the first quarter i guess when you got a mind as well the combined some countries but i really do think apple would not been up today if not for the buyback and that's not a rub on them i'm just stating what i think spotify just came public but not really as an ipo they just started trading it and it's actually done pretty decently as when it came out i it opened up hot at one sixty eight went down to one forty just rallies back to one seventy so one fifty five in the aftermarket and they lost a crapload of money snapchat finished down three dollars and ten cents to eleven bucks just so you have an understanding that nine hundred million in sales the last four quarters they lost seven hundred twenty million on that nine hundred million in sales no really and they did this whole rejigging of their website and everybody hates it in a bunch advertisers attempt take a flying leap new yearly low on excuse me it snap inc dot snapchat i suspect that baby's going eight bucks seven bucks six bucks five bucks we'll say.

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