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This is the final land weekly on the final once again with us. Is todd gillan. Welcome back to the program yet. Thank you for having me on. It's it's been a good season for us and We can't wait to get in these playoffs. Yeah absolutely so. Let's get into that. You're heading into the playoffs Rate your season. So far. I think You know really away from getting a couple more winds which we love sedan and A really a lot more wins but other than that. I think just getting the consistency. That i've been really driving to get You know for the last three years in the truck series. I think you know just being able to go to the racetrack. Each and every week and being a top five contender. is an definitely an accomplishment and You know i'd say when i attended it's been going probably seven or eight so far but you know there's always the greedy side of you that Just wants a little bit more. Yeah absolutely i mean you're right there in the mix your fourth in the playoff standings so i mean That's that's that's pretty good yup and it's You know it's fun to have all the right pieces. I think to have a great team that That really believed in me. And you know everyone's great decisions we have got a great pit crew great Great spotter so. I think we've got pretty much all the pieces that we need to make the playoff run here totally so so far you've got one win on the season seven top fives eleven top tens and you got three stage wins. How important were those points to get you into the top five yet. think You know early in the season it. It's hard to really tell you know what they do. But it's crazy how come the end of the season. It's really only a few points here. And there that really decide everything so Hopefully the the playoff points carry good into the playoffs and then Just a normal points of have done their job. Getting up to fourth in the standings like you said that also gives us a playoff point Buffer you know. I think it's like the play The the stage wins You know ten to one on the on the point so it's definitely all going to a plan to it so i wish we had a few more points but i definitely in a better situation than last year. We barely made the playoffs. And then we were Neil right back on the outside looking in when you got your win this year Was there a sense of relief. I mean you of course. Winning is huge but in the back of your mind. It's like all right. we're in the playoffs. Now we can go You know dig for the rest of the season absolutely and that was something i was really excited for was just to be able to go out there and race really aggressively and Do what we we knew we can do. But i think really kind of did the opposite not the opposite. We still ran really well but Almost as let everyone settle in and get a lot more confident in themselves and what we're doing bringing trucks at the racetrack and I think that's where you really see the consistency coming for us. And then from there. I think everyone like i said it's really believed in in what we're doing. Everyone pulled the rope in the same direction. And it's crazy It's really cool to see what all of us can achieve together absolutely all right. Truck series playoffs round of ten begins this weekend. gateway Is is first on the schedule. What are your thoughts on that track. I really liked gateway It's been really good track for me. In the past. I've been a second there twice and then We won both stages there last year in the truck. Race so I'm excited. It's the first round. I definitely think Or the first race of the first round. I think we can start off really strong and Knowing the back of our head were. We're all going for a win here this weekend and then after that you got the darlington which everybody says you got race the track before you race. Everybody else is that. How true is that. That is very true I haven't really got myself in too much trouble at darlington yet but no you're sliding around it's crazy you're going really really fast and wanted to and then by the time you get down to three and four. You're going way too fast for the tires. In the grip of the race checks so It's it's a lot of fun this year. I had a great truck there in the the first race. There and Knowing the trucks have a little bit less power and a lot more dragging down for us so we were barely out of the gas and one in tunis. Crazy like almost surreal for me. You know grow watching the guys go straight up in one and two and just go straight. Pass darlington's right there on the wall. It's it's really cool and know that was one of the coolest experiences is here. I'm sure and then after that it's bristle. I mean they're not really throwing too many super speedways None actually I guess darlington kinda but by bristol. Short-track for sure and I mean so out of those three. What's what's your best hope. I think we can definitely Contended all at all three. I think to be a championship contender. You're going to have to but i'm really looking forward. Arlington urge to gateway i think first and then Yeah no bristol. We didn't run great at last year. So i'm really looking forward to the progress we've made so in terms of other drivers who who's your biggest competition for this championship. Oh i think all of us wanted is probably john hunter He's been good at you know just about every single racetrack. We've gone too but No other than that. I feel like we've been really on power second or third. Best chuck In the truck series for the last you know two or three months so I'm definitely looking forward to going like more head to head With john hunter some of these race sharks coming up and Let's definitely one that I'm excited to hopefully go out and get get better from. I'll be talking to him soon. you want me to relay a message or anything. No no. it's it thought it. I'm sure he's in a good place to all right so D- lean on your dad for any help in terms of strategy or mindset or anything like that heading into a playoff situation. I think I i definitely on him for a lot of stuff but no really. I think the playoff experience i. I'm very thankful that we made it last year and have a little bit more experience going into these playoffs. I feel like i. i'm definitely looking at it. Local little bit differently but as far race strategy and stuff like that he's always on par box really close with my crew chief and So those guys they they always bounce each other bounce ideas off of each other and I definitely think he helps my crew. Chief Come out with a better outcome sometimes. So he's definitely huge huge part of our race teams. A lot of other drivers have like a circle of friends. Other drivers that they get help from Do you have something like that. Sport a support system. I'd say i definitely am friends with a lot of the truck series drivers but I feel like we normally when we hang out it's not Not as much talking about racing. Just kind of Trying to be friends off. The racetrack is yeah. Yeah we're all pretty fierce competitors and you definitely a gotta go out there and compete. Is that something. That's either unique or different about nascar because your friends off the track and then you you go at it out of the race track. Is that unique to this particular sport. Yeah i'd say so and it's definitely different because you know to be in racing. I think you know the spot everyone would want to be in is right here in mooresville charlotte area where we all live so And you know really a lot of my friends that that are here you know. They are their family. Lives somewhere else and you know to be successful nascar you. You had to come here to young age and And it's it's funny. It's funny it's kind of just interesting that you know a lot of them live here loan It's.

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