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He he he got attacked by some people on the left especially during the primary because he has been friends with Republicans he has. Touted his friendships with. Republicans who he's worked with in the Senate some some really bad segregationists that he worked with in the seventies who he said, he was able to get things done with. He's called Republicans good friends of his and he's gotten hit from the left personally i. My me as one soul voter. See that as a benefit. To be able to work across the aisle with Republicans but some people on the left don't like that. Does it concern you that that there is division within the Democratic Party right now that perhaps some people on the left will not see him as sufficiently progressive. Well Going back to my seeing of know pollyanna. Is All the songs of unity and remind you that he has had. A conversation. With Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders positive discussions they are openly supporting him enthusiastically He didn't have any problem with a developing a his. Friendship and legality with them. I. Was Part of sponsoring a unity a statement in the rules committee that was joined in by Bernie Sanders supporters, of course. And that as I am a biden supporter and that unity I believe was a very strong statement in the party faithful you need to get the party faithful and we did not see a crack in the armor while we were doing our rules and platform, and so I do think I wanted to give you comfort that in this time of trouble and Storm Democrats are going to come together. Yes. The president. If elected and sworn in, President Biden will have to address many of the concerns of different perspectives in the party. But I, know that his leadership will be based on policy and how it can best help the American people as a whole and I think they won't ask if the policies that are going to be very good for the American people and they will see that in his leadership. I'LL I won't ask you handicap. Anyone I won't put you in that position but I will ask you how important The pick is when it comes to or who, who, that will be when it comes to satisfying any particular. Group of voters do you think that it's important that his VP pick satisfies his own party or is someone who appeals to the moderate voters he needs to win in some of these swing states? While everyone we don't know who the vice president is going to choose. But what I will say to you is that everyone whose name has appeared I've view them as outstanding. Americans, and public servants. And everyone that I've heard that had been interview. Their commitment has always been I. Want Joe Biden elected president. whether I am. Running across the country helping him out or serving as his teammate I. Think. He made a mistake by setting expectations that he would choose a woman. I think now I think it was from his heart no-one when made him say that? Makes Joe. Biden say anything I think it was you think It has a beautiful why Dr Jill and He's got some granddaughters and one for grants Ran children, and I. Think he said it from his heart I think he said from the historical perspective of his heart and that's a good thing I think well by think he's Do you think he's going to upset people if he doesn't pick a black woman. Everyone that I have seen. You can tell me you could just tell me. They want to see Joe Biden. Win. It is obviously the case that no matter what we do is public servants or candidates that we'll have a those who will feel. differently. So what do you have to do? You GOTTA STAND UP? you gotta straighten everything straightened out and you've got to actually engage with the voting public share with your story. But let me tell you that not the end of the story. This is a moment when the rise in diverse communities for women. To different ethnic and racial diversity. Racial groups is larent- and I believe of the administration has a wonderful opportunity. To have a diverse cabinet of the unique proportion. Barriers. And that should be the statement of America that we have people who are different. From different communities placed in the government serving the entire nation, that America, it's Fairmont that wish showing to the world. I've got great school questions a million dollars to give away. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Let's go. Get Ready. One of the most popular game shows of all time is coming to audio up as a podcast. It's the easiest game show on the planet. All these grownups have to do is answer grade school level questions and prove that they are smarter than a fifth grader rest in you're wrong on somebody whose hands probably smell like Plato. It's the easiest top. Funniest. And most embarrassing game show ever. Are you smarter than a fifth grader listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey everybody. It's been higgins and is Ashley I, and where the host of the. As podcast I was the bachelor and know firsthand how dating twenty five people at one time is not easy and I was on the show a timer to. Four Times, but I met my husband. So I'm proof that the process works. We do interviews with the cast members creating the headlines. We go in-depth about their experiences on the show and we get juicy details that they would never air. We break down the episodes each week and give our insight into the drama. Believe me it's not always how it seems. We're able to give you the insider perspective since we've been there. Four Times the Bachelor cast doesn't just stir up drama on screen. Their personal lives are always making the pages of the magazine and we update you every week on these topics and we know pretty much everyone. So we're reliable source listen to almost famous on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever your podcasts. It's certainly way time to have a female vice president female president. Female Defense Secretary. We've not had state secretary of the Treasury. Positions early we're. Positions that have not been filled by women are a lot more positions that have not been filled by people of Color by women of Color Certainly. But but do you think that when he says very specifically that the vice president will be a woman that the next? Again. I love this but but I'm asking the question anyway when he says that the next Supreme Court justice seat will be filled will be appointed. He will appoint a black woman. Sign me up. That's great. But do you think when he says that that it rings to some voters in the mid West especially white voters Who voted for perhaps Obama but have switched over to trump or maybe they haven't voted. Democrat in a while despite agreeing with Democrats on policy. But because there's there's a Lotta politics of personality, there's a lot of identity politics nowadays, and if they hear the next Supreme Court justice will be a black woman. The vice president will be a woman and should be a woman of color. Do you think that there are white men who say wait a second Democrats are trying to? Take. Away the privileges. That I feel are owed to me, and therefore I'll never vote for them Indian. There will be some back late. But let me try to..

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