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Tonight. Sports central presented by Miller lite, sustainable baseball. Is that what we're looking at here in Milwaukee? Can you do what Craig counsel did next year and the year beyond and after that? And expect to be making a deep run in the playoffs. I think you can but only with supreme depth and only when moves are made at the trade deadline if you're in it. David Stearns was able to do and it helped produce a twenty seven month of September lose remain arm. Stayed relatively fresh rosters expanded had days off in September. That'll benefited the brewers down the stretch, we've got Mike in West Chester. Joining us next. How you doing? I disagree with Doug of all. I do agree with what your parents is about. Ascertainable impossible you need extended rashes every month. You know, you can't get with the president rules involved. It happened at the Tampere there, of course to get through it. But it's just impossible my opinion. So I don't agree with. If that's the chain of all it's impossible brewers because the fact that rouser expanded they have some great towns as you can. Rashes complex, but we got lucky with Matlock you, but we're forced to get through the playoffs. The way we did LA, by the way. But I just go with what you said about because I think you're great pickup. Damp town defense a few game winning hits gave sandwich a blow at third base. I mean, anything great big clubhouse to and with with skill scope. Bob are being gone. With addition by trashing because it was bad. Great for the team at all. Was a mental midget on the base paths, as you know, from the past couple of years, but that's my take on it. But. Thanks again. I hope they get rid of today. And you'll too by the way Kristie classes couple of games to the playoffs. Yeah. That was discouraging. Appreciate the phone. Call Mike, you know, he was not on the NFL Diaz Rostker was on the roster didn't show well in that game. One sixty three kind of a lefty specialist and people were ragging on Jeremy Jeffers for giving up that three run home run to help wig. Let start that inning. Let them start the inning go against the lefty. It was a left you that got on base against the Danial. Maybe Jeffers gets out of that inning. With nothing doesn't even have to face week. That was kind of a frustrating situation. The brewers are gonna have a load of arms available next year. And now this is assuming they don't make any moves. You have Jimmy Nelson. We assume he's going to be back. Chris Anderson is still in the mix member. He was the best starter. The brewers had in two thousand seventeen I think Wade Miley probably comes back. You'll saw seen still under contract Peralta burns Woodruff. You still have Zach Davies. I mean, you're loaded here. And it's not a matter of. Finding a guy who can go eight innings. A couple of times a month. I don't think creek councils philosophy is going to change that third time around at the lineup. That's a big deal. He does not like pitchers facing a lineup. Three times. It showed up time and time again in the playoffs. Why that can be risky and only the true bonafide aces really are going deep into games. And I don't think the brewers can afford that to be honest with you. Got a few more phone calls will grab them on the other side. Here brewers baseball hundred to win season. Very impressive. Never been done before. A disappointing end over the weekend the World Series begins tonight. Might just have it on to the studio. I don't know. And I guess I'm.

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