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Right right you know and that's great and there's a lot of desperation and funny shit that comes out of these entanglements where you know you're relational stakes are your entire life because you have no material wants yeah you know but like his last few movies i really hated the hotel one did you yeah i thought it was just a dull house yeah you just made a dull house it's a very pretty dollhouse right i like your doll house west it's very pretty yeah don't make me spend an hour and a half looking at your fucking dollars yeah at twenty minutes love dogs was twenty minutes it would have been hurt the perfect film yeah perfect perfect twenty minute sitcoms all right let's get into your myth what is a myth was something people believe to be true that you know to be false okay my myth is that when you put your money in the bank it just kinda like sits in a vault a scrooge mcduck it doesn't i've liked to tell you that your world is a lie yeah there's no hell now there's sort of hell and it's called wells fargo hells fargo basically a lot of people that are listening know this but it's something that a lot of people don't really think about what happens to the running do they put it in the bank but what happens is it all is used to fund the worst parts of our society and i think we on like a conscious or subconscious level understand that banks fund really bad shit and wall street banks are bad.

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