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Welcome back to help I suck at dating. We have a great guest who is currently on the line right now. You know her from divorce, court and marriage bootcamp hip hop edition. which the season finale is this Thursday ten o'clock on TV. It is judge Lynn toler judge. Thank you so much for joining us today. Oh thank you so much for having me pleasure to be here. No well first of all. How are you doing this this quarantine right now? We're skyping and I could see that you were in your office. I believe. Yeah. No, we're doing great. Today's my husband nine thirty first wedding anniversary, so we've got a little many party. Plan me and our two kids me him and our two kids in the dog. That sounds amazing. Well. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. What's the party consists of you? Guys are going to have like Cook dinner together. Cook. That sounds like a good party. It sounds like all we can do right now anyway. So judge, tell us a little bit about marriage boot camp, addition, and why you wanted to get involved with the show. Marriage who? bootcamp partition is I've been on marriage boot camp for a long time, maybe about ten years on I, really love the hip hop additions because it speaks to young people, it speaks to a current culture it to a community, and it gives everybody an opportunity to look at the reality stars that are often you know coming apart on TV and watching us go through some exercises to help. Bring them together. And so you did you run divorce court? For Thirteen years thirteen seasons that Krit there yeah wow. So now you're on marriage boot camp. How did you initially get involved in becoming a judge on television? Because you were judge in in Cleveland prior to this? If I'm going to Cleveland Heights I got a telephone call. One day at my courthouse at said Fox called and that was on a Monday I call them back, they said. Do you have any tape of you doing stuff I said yes. I sent that Tuesday. They got it. Wednesday was an L. A. on Friday. And I. I did the show power of attorney that didn't work out I was retired for five years just hanging out, and then divorce court came along and I've been on there. I was on there for thirteen years while they're one case that you remember that really stands out. Oh, so many. They at. The woman who used to to manage your stress called the hammer he made. We made Ellen on that one. But. Yeah, a lot of them stand out thirteen years. That's a long time everybody you know having.

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