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You know but to me with garoppolo and where you know. I got him at the twenty first ranked quarterback in the nfl. And i know you probably wanna yell at me and do all those things too. But garoppolo's biggest issue is more of like it's his feet as well but in a different way his he. He needs to have more populous. Be get his feet underneath the more. There's so many times where he's drawing the football and he doesn't hitch right quarterback to take a step drop they take that hitch step up in the pocket and they throw it that allows you to capitalize on all your power and when done right. It's going to help you with your accuracy to have you've got. i challenge. people go back and watch. He throws almost every throw without a hitch step or his speed being black nor his back leg which is his right leg outside the framework of his body and you can create power that way. That's one of the reasons. Aaron rodgers hitch steps into those types of throws that we were just talking about in mahomes so they can get that back leg underneath their back shoulder and now have real power to use their arms and their legs at the same time throw rifles. And that's jimmy g. issue for sure twice. Bad deep balls to stats. Well let's go through kind of a tale of the tape then on these two guys. Yeah accuracy who you give the advantage to lance or garoppolo garoppolo for sure right now. Yes okay. Deep ball i assume trae lance well it or are not great either. They're not ever be one of the things that i didn't like about the draft process. Either he's got a really strong arm. It's nothing about that. He is a little bit. What i would call a one club thrower right. Every throw is kind of the same. Kenneth throws is deep balls hard is out routes hard to slant route hard all of that. He doesn't have a pitching wedge or nine iron and some of those the throw though so if he can learn how to do it a little bit. Better throw the ball higher in the air things like that. He has the potential to be the better down. the field thrower garoppolo lacks that real power. That way so yeah. I go i'm gonna go with trae lance just a little bit there. It's not great. Like i said but i think jimmy's is really one of the lesser at all football when he talked about throws like three and forty yards down the field. So you just mentioned the arm. Strength with lance. And i feel like. That's one of the exciting things that i'm looking forward to. When you start. Which by the way should be right away. I want to see the difference in the passing offense with lance with some of the out. Routes some of the sideline comebacks. Because they're not running that stuff with jimmy like you've talked about a million times you load up the middle of the field. Because that's the only place jimmy for throws it. Yes you're exactly right and trae lance and his you know it we correct these sayings and starts to be the player and he could be. He certainly gonna put more pressure on the defense. And i think what you're talking about. You know to basically sum that up is when he's at quarterback he has a greater chance of making the the defense defend the whole field. Yes and that's probably where i think. The beauty is a shanahan. Wow i can trip people with trae lance runs line. Normal running games aweso. Oh yes safeties. Come down here in the box. Come on stop. The run moster sturt stopped. Trae less zoom seventy yard bomb over the top you know. Oh i'm rolling out who forty yard laser on the run to deebo samuel crossing the field. There's no doubt that he can open up the field for a lot of different things and really in my heart hearts. I think that's why shanahan draft because one you know. I think he liked the schematics advantage. You'll get from the run game two. He hasn't credible high end. And i think three shanahan's is good office. Coordinator is there in football. I think he's finally realize that. Like man. I gotta have more than maybe the matt ryan jimmy garoppolo's of the world times for breathing me with this great office to win games. Go back still to that. Forty niners at forty niners bills game this past season where some of the quotes added the forty niners locker. Room the coaches. They just jumped out to me. And that's where i also feel like shanahan was like man. I gotta get me one of these guys. We play perp defense. And josh allen still stored points of threw the ball over the field on us like we weren't playing good defense and i think that was a big moment for shanahan at least a with the light bulb. Go off a little bit. One hundred percent jimmy. Garoppolo cannot make a play outside of the structure of the offense at all. And you could. Nick mullins and neither could cj beth. It was amazing to me that their whole quarterback room could not do that. That's why i wanna see lance in there right away. Chris what is the point of acquiring this guy. If you're not going to throw him in there you don't learn how to drive a car by watching somebody else do it. You learn by greed in the wheel and yeah sometimes you ding one of your side mirrors a little bit. That happens but let's go. What are we waiting for right. Well listen. I don't think you're crazy. Let alone he's already done it with. Rg three of that. Forty nine or team was not a sound with. I mean that redskins team washington football team. Sorry they were that team then. So i hope i'm not wrong by that. But this forty nine or teams more talented. The offense is more talented than that football team. I think i still think there's a chance for that to happen. Trae lance continues to grow. Do some of the things we talked about mentally and then translating on the fields physically doing those things and to your point to listen. This is one of the other things that i think was tough about the trae lance evaluation..

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