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No, I'm out in this it impact. has anyone approach skew and said, I'm thinking about Joining this beaten. A couple Pala Tammy through people. Want. Is a older man who you know he's a sitting I think I can do it. You know now have high blood pressure I take medicine for I was like. You know they go through a full battery to make sure you're able to participate. So they're not GonNa let you do something that's going to be harmful, but there will be people who have high blood pressure who need to take the vaccine to. So it seems like they need something that's going to be saved doesn't challenge bed with the medicine and he takes so I just have to sort of see. So he just thought about it 'cause he was here people sorta complaining mounted he was like. GonNa do it don't do what he said for him? I think. I might WanNa do it for him. It was like how my life I'm tired of doing all this other stuff. So if I can do something to help then as for I think motivation to underlying sick of this stuff. So if I can be any Hilton speeds are limited, you need some more people item whatever we gotta do because I'm cigarettes got to I. Have One child is going to school everyday wanted to start high school that's in the house everyday. See I get out of the house is just being at home by herself dot anchoring. For this to be awful. Thank you so much for being with us today for doing that work we. Appreciate it I. Think so much. You've been listening to a bonus episode of behind the Lens thanks to our special guests, the Deans Xavier. University of Louisiana and DILLARD UNIVERSITY HBO. In the New Orleans area Dr Reynolds Rep and Dr Walter Kimbro also our health reporter Philip I'm caroline. Heldman, thanks for listening..

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