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Raising money for Covanta and what will college football look like this fall for a couple of athletic director for the lavish studio number one I'm J. Reynolds but have you along toward general ideas via radio ESPN app SiriusXM channel lady it's a Memorial Day weekend tradition that's the longest race on the NASCAR schedule this year coming off a two month delay because of coronavirus seven races in ten days for NASCAR including for the club level and tonight they're running the coca Cola six hundred at Charlotte there three quarters of the way through Alex Bowman in the eighty eight car dominated the race through the first half of the race at least to the half plus he's currently running second to Joey legato as they just wrapped up the number three stage show we look auto in front at the three quarter pole in the number twenty two car as we finish three hundred of the four hundred laps Alex Bowman in second place running about it the second behind Joey Logano Ryan Blaney Jimmie Johnson Martin Truex junior rounding out the top five Kyle Busch sitting in the six spot as we head to the final hundred laps in Charlotte meanwhile for the second straight Sunday we also had live golf on TV key number.

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