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AW everybody. You're the talkers in is our had already. So for our fiftieth part. That you've ever done as you know. It is the regularises Evan and tear it ends. Of course every special guests basin mccaskey. How you doing? I'm good how are you? I will wake and believe me to regain episode last week. I'm most importantly we are diving. Right into our favorite discussion about Brown and girls and teapot and some of the other things. Gerbil lease started the thing that we start every half hour miniseries. With which is dis. What is the worst Brownie Girl Song? I would almost argue. Don't do a balance because God there's so many balance. The the the balance usually art like bat boring feel. I get that sense of yeah boy choice for worst. Brown and goes saw. I don't I feel like what Brian Girls. There's no song wishes oasis. Oh Goddess Oasis of of League this kid what we were using Mason. Oh I feel like. I've not heard abroad and girl song that I was like immediately like this is a turn this off. Turn the shit off. There's a lot of songs that are like Kinda met and forgettable which is almost worse. Because I feel like an art you need to be memorable either for good or for bad like cats bad movie but you remember it because it's bad you know I will remember it. Yes we saw it it. It haunts me. Yeah it's memorable that's bad and I feel like almost more offensive to like have art. That just like means nothing is nothing and is just dust in the wind and I feel like some of their first. Few albums have like some dust in the wind songs. And like let's between trek six check seven attract aid which. I forget what? Yeah especially on your story with the fifteen songs it's like I. Can you tell me the difference between monologue your day of arrival in unheard story? I cannot know personally but that's just me while I still I still said. Oh acis terracotta ways. You still have to pick one. That's what you gotTa do me. I'll pick this because that's what you said and I trusted you perfectly also like addiction. I.

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Brown, Mason, Brian Girls discussed on The Chartographers

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