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Newport News has been charged in Fairfax County's first homicide of the year. County Police. A 20 year old Jalen Keane is responsible for Wednesday's shooting. Death of Samuel Own Yuka off, rushed in both attended South Lakes High school. The motive remains under investigation. Fairfax police Major Ed Oh Carol every act of violence very seriously. And our officers, Detectives and professional staff get everything they have. Day in and day out. Course, making this one of the safest jurisdictions in the country. Police used video surveillance and financial records to tracking to Newport News. He was arrested late Friday night and faces extradition of Fairfax County. Keane is charged with second degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. All. Loudon County Elementary School students who chose two day a week in person learning will be back in class beginning Tuesday. Middle and high school students who chose hybrid return March 3rd. There is a to do list to make sure the return goes smoothly and safely. Parents here in Loudoun County will have to fill out an online symptom checker each day before putting their kid on the bus or driving them to school. Each school has installed a thermal camera at the most used entrances. He can scan 45 people per second. If someone has a temperature of 100.4 orm, or they'll be escorted to the care room, each school Set one up. Apart from the health office. Full time substitute teacher or health contractor in the care room, will coordinate with the school nurse and supervised the child until a parent or guardian picks them up. In Loudon, Counting the log unstained w T L P NEWS U..

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