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You know, guys like Sherm and Jimmy Ward are very questionable for this game, so we don't know if we're gonna have them. Um, There's been challenges throughout the year, but I'm really proud of that group of proud of Sallah. And all his coaches for the job they've done. They haven't they, You know, Wait where you could have some pretty valid excuses and explanations They have chosen not to have that and instead hold themselves. Who are standard and I'm I'm real proud of the way that played. Yeah, and I think they've kept the team in games and giving him an opportunity. But as you said, sometimes the turnovers they come back to her chin and you give too many opportunities to the opposition and Oftentimes you won't come out on top. And so I'm wondering here. You know, you got the opportunity. There's no, there's no moral victories here. I don't think but I think there's ways to to come out feeling good about how you finish the season. So I'm wondering if you could be the division opponent in each of the last two weeks, finished four and two in the division, which I think would be somewhat of a silver lining. But outside of just wins and losses, is there something you're looking for? In the last two weeks, you're under some of these guys won't necessarily be starters next year. Some of these guys may not be back next year, but how do you define success here in the final two weeks? Outside of a winner last young Yeah, I think just playing. There are standard. Um, you know, I'm very disappointed with the way this season's gone. You know, way knew the challenge coming off a Super Bowl got rich Super Bowl. We were right there felt like we had in our grass. We knew the challenge. We faced it head on. Instead, I'd from it. And then you know, the circumstances of this year started to present themselves and they never relented. I mean, it just it happened. But despite that, you know, we way said they were not gonna let the circumstances dictate And it hasn't. It hasn't gone. You know, I I've been happy the way our guys have approached and handled this situation get kicked out of our county. That wasn't fun. It's made for a lot of challenges, especially this year. I'm proud of how we've handled it because there hasn't been complaining. But I'm not proud that it hasn't translated into victories and so You gotta You gotta continue to live up to our standards and are standard is you Prepare yourself. You do everything possible to win football games. I didn't come here. I've said it numerous times for moral victories that came here that win championships. We got close last year we didn't finish. And I thought this year would be a lot better. I thought we were equipped to be a championship team that got compromised at some point, But I think finishing on a high note and to me, I think that's a tremendous question. That's something we've talked. It takes so long to build a culture. What I do know is it can it can dissipate real fast. And so we can't allow that. And what I can tell you is I'm proud. Every day I walk on the field. I see the way our guys are working. I see the way our coaches or coaching. See the wear Scouting staff is continuing to work such that a year like this never happens while we're here again, and you know, I can tell you that, you know that's our vision is that we're gonna find a way to finish this year Strong and I think the way to define that. Are we playing to our standards? And are we competing at all times and You know what? We're playing some good teams, but teams we know we can be. We have before and we gotta find a way and so I think you play to win in this league, and that's what the last couple weeks despite all the challenges will be measured by and then then we'll move forward from there. But right now we're focused on the now and trying to be the best we can be. Each given day. Manner. Gentlemen, Jer John Lynch, With Adam Copeland and Marcus Thompson, filling in for Murph and Mac this week on the can be our morning show, and John stops by there in the morning show or with the Rod and Tom and I Basically a couple times a month. So he is phenomenal. John Lynch. Always good. Always good dialogue talking to John Lynch. All right, We're gonna take a time out. We get more Niner, pregame ahead. Niners and Cardinals. It's week 16 from Glendale, Arizona, and we'll have it for you. Today on the sports leader need a way to stock up on game day. Snacks.

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