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In the mid teens and them will fall below zero saturday night and so it's going to be a very chilly christmas eve it'll be of her chilly christmas day last year or forty five on christmas which is pretty close to normal uh this year you can shave at least fifteen to twenty degrees off of where we were like all right folks you've been forewarned hashing gotta run at that thank you dr chee soon now in colorado's morning news as congress prepares to vote on the tax overhaul measure let's see what the tony is in washington abc's lana zak is on capitol hill and joins us is that the house today lawn and the senate tomorrow that's that's right april the house definitely voting today um and we expect you to pass very easily there are some republicans that we understand are going to vote in opposition but they have more than enough or a margin have that easily pass and then it can head over to the senate where as of right now we have we don't have a single senator on the record saying that they intend to vote against it bob corker who is the only one who voted against it previously is now on board he says um so even without john mccain's uh votes because of health reasons um they are expected to pass that as well it's possible april that they could even take up the legislation in the senate today and getting it over to the president even sooner but in either case it is absolutely certain at this point barring anything any big major changes uh that uh that both chambers will vote to approve the tax bill it will head to the president it will become law before christmas as he had initially stated he wanted on and that it will be part of the new taxes that we are all paying in 20 eighteen democrats say it will benefit the wealthiest the most how will it affect the average middleclass family is there a consensus about that well in the beginning certainly um we see um that the.

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