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Seventy nine, the Sandinistas one. Ronald Reagan promptly begins funding the Contra rebels. I lean. Anytime lift ISH government. Popped up his head in Latin America the US kind Dan Hod Fanta military dictator. Guide systens, guiding the naked, the wink and the nod. We'll guide. The money will guide them a death list. Put troops on the granting foam of green berets. Help them conduct propaganda campaigns. Will scare the shit out of any left to see day to stay up to them. From? Just ruffling from seventy three, the Guatemalan military killed more than two hundred thousand people. The Salvadorian Civil. What took seventy five thousand lives? Argentina Killed Twenty thousand to thirty thousand. Eighty Communist extermination spread all across Latin America. Always with the assistance of the United States. Historian John Kites with concluded that from knowing sixty two naughty naughty. The number of victims of us-backed violence in Latin America. Vastly exceeded the number of people killed in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc I've assigned Tong. There's a quite for you when people talk about the evil Communist. Say Yes. They're evil, but hey. US Bank violence in Latin America vast leaks say to the number of people killed by the side of gets in the eastern bloc from nine sixty to nineteen ninety. Indonesia today. They still under the belief that the Communists can spot and plotted. Caused. A gruesome death of heraldic general's. Luckily. Sahata was around degree gun control quickly and help rid the country of the Communist threat forever. There's a museum. which must be somewhere in Chicago I think. And As she walked in on a bizarre series of darkened holes, a series of Diorama installations tighty through the history of the party. Is the Communist Party. Demonstrating agent every time by tried the nation or attack. The military applauded to destroy Dijon. Down to reproducing Suharto's propaganda narrative about events of October nineteen, sixty five. There's not reference to the up to one million civilians killed as a result. At the exit, kids pies is in front of a big saw him, it says. Thank you for A. dioramas about savagery carried out by the Indonesian Communist Party. Don't let anything like this ever happened again. site. Point of this sees. As I said earlier today. Many people speculate that if unchecked Jonah could flex its Pale in control and subjugate smaller countries. That, it could force its will and communist agenda on this path countries. If necessary it would gile kill and terrorize vast populations to achieve times. In the terrible treaties that facility the US is being conducted the same sort of terrorism campaign. We feed the Janis. We'll start. And Nice people on a way of just how badly America's behaved so. D Listener. I really highly recommend. This book the Jakarta Math Point Vincent Bevan's. Guys into enormous day tile. Lots of footnotes and references that'll side the personal stories of different individuals caught up at different points in these tragic stories and. It's a story. We need to understand and. And we need to keep that in law, and when we a feist what I see all the time at a moment. Of this eighty China rhetoric fine. But the response seems to be so we must saw with the Americans and I just hype. The this podcast gives you some reasons why that might not be a good idea. Aim Idealist next week. Episode two hundred sixty it. We will celebrate five years of having done this podcast. Happy can join us will be live streaming on a Tuesday nodded seven thirty home. See then. Fotheringham's here. Faced Glove. Congratulations Sean foyers of entertaining. And Informative podcasts. Twelve man. Feared not feel wise counsel. You'll come. Rides would have argued in ever decreasing circles until eventually disappearing their own..

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