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Swore is needs a big big lap here this afternoon to get started up near the front were he knows he's in a battle for the points and so forth the caller should you just mentioned you know the fact that Kurt Kurt Busch could be a factor here this afternoon Lissouba Larson could put up on the board here and it is well he was the fastest in the first practice session at the more that's exactly right so I did this you know you talk about the last group being kind of interesting verdict I think there's there's a lot of story lines in here swaras fighting for one of those two playoff spots Matt DiBenedetto the only way he gets to the playoffs is to pull off what I have the gas to be qualified a massive upset and win here a cow Larson it's been a long time since I got found his way to victory lane well the OnStar right we're gonna find out right now because large is gonna be the first year excuse me floor is gonna be the first one back out of this group where does he go up near the top the end of the top ten night fastest for Daniel's warriors in the number forty one car Matt DiBenedetto be next up to post a time we watch him come down the straight away right now the ninety five car about men he where will he fall thirteenth not bad not a bad effort there call Larson just now coming down the straightaway here at Indianapolis and he'll cross the yard of bricks and he'll also posed to Tom here how fan. night quickest there for large and by the way that's a good look at McDonald's car he's an absent logo just works well man so you see in the back from that the bill Elliott days everything that's one of the best looking race cars out on the speedway area than a viable around the racetrack for sure I one thing to point out to real quick you know about all these drivers are going out there there there really challenging this racetrack but do you realize how much of the ace Kevin Harvick had to be to run that kind of speed of me today yes almost like don't call should win you know because you could mess up the way that we saying what can happen this racetrack with Danny Hamel that final lap of practice yes the afternoon when he had lost a right front tire but if you get out of the group the same thing could happen to you in a qualifying session it I think it's funny because you got fourteen teams are already qualified for the playoffs in my mind Jeff correct me if I'm wrong they only have one goal today we have yeah no way of really matters it doesn't have any NSF that's the good thing about it but they they're some of these guys are brought new race cars in this race tracks they won a race of his respect a look right now all the racetrack this next group was a guy we're going to fight it real quick how good is race car is is Danny hamlet crashes primary Kerr I mean clearly as the red black was already displayed he loses the right front tire and hits the wall they built the phrase crash and burn for what happened to him yesterday because he got into the fans the car got up almost to the entrance of pit road and burst into flames thankfully did he got out of it no harm but it was a nasty looking senior yesterday I'll tell you what Denny Hamlin is a guy that I think right now has more momentum on his side and probably is is arguably the most comfortable I have ever seen him in his fire suit get in and out of that race car for practice the cars run extremely well Jeff you're right if you can start bet known numbers to be in the hunt at homestead right now that'll Levin cars one of yeah and I would cannot today guys I mean every time he's ever going to the back for any kind of issue he's always come back the front itself but more times than not he's one. I think right now he's he's your favorite I think he's the leader in the clubhouse playoffs I like what the word you used Pat momentum they've got that going on there they're rolling out strong performances one after another not that great here in checking down his backup car though twentieth place it looks like for Denny Hamlin here faster so far as Kevin Harvick called bush's second third Erik I'm role of fourth Ricky Stenhouse junior Erik Jones is fifty six still bubble Wallace and break in is going to be seven eight Austin Dillon Kyle Larson nine can't distinguish warrants Michael McDowell has the eleventh fastest time make that Daniel swore is McDowell drops back to thirteenth Ryan priest just put up a good lap and speaking of lamp Ryan Blaney just now crawls up to the top there in the top three Harvick cow bush and now Ryan Blaney has posted a really good time in a course that's a teammate you know with with the kids Lasky and with joy lagana were yet to get out here and get a time this afternoon you know I'm looking at that there's a lot that that top group is populated by a lot of blue ovals guys me Kevin Harvick in there Ryan Blaney Eric out brawl Ricky Stenhouse we've got you out of the top yeah that's yeah that's that's pretty good for that name plate right there okay well let's take a time out will come back we'll conclude qualifying for the brickyard four hundred. 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