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Same reason he's continued to lose places this entire season. He keeps making these mistakes in qualifying and race. It's on. It's, it's an it's now becoming the sort of the big difference. When we look the legacy of battle in the legacy of Hamilton, Hamilton, just like Terminator does not over the course of a whole rice like many other people Mercedes cars haven't done. The same thing like Niko is capable of making mistakes. I mean so it was Louis already career Valkyrie for sure. But he's just he's cold as Ice Man. And then. Sad. I mean literally, he made a mistake in this race in on the next turn like years earlier. But I just think in, in recent memory, he's, he's just not been able to hold it together. And I'm not sure if that's a car thing, or a set thing or Montera both. But like at the end of the day, I think he lost outrace because, like, put the car off in a place that you don't weedy tend to lose the car. Yeah, I wanna read tumor quotes here. One is from Ed straw out of sport. Once you have the hard and fast rules, people keep clamoring for the hands of the stewards are tied, and they don't have the freedom simply to let it go. The demand is always for consistency but no two incidents are identical all require interpretation, and it would have been better for the racing head this one been. Let go the stuarts did the right thing by the framework in which they operate. But F one needs to give them more room for nuance decisions because outcome does not have to play a part in the ways these incidents are kid. Second, quote here from Brian Ross Brawn, the managing director of motor sport of Formula one. Yes, also autosport and just say. I believe the stewards would be the first say that they would prefer not to see a race outcome decided to be a penalty at the same time. I understand how difficult it must be fans to understand why the driver on the top of the podium is not the one who crossed the finish line first. That's why transparency is important when it comes to explaining issues decisions at the steward's, especially in such a complex for me. The one as it is it is in football, where despite the arrival of VR, which stands for what do we know it's the it's the slowdown technology for goals and offsides, ambles stuff now, there is still discussion as to whether a handball should be punished with the penalty or not, therefore, it might be it might be useful to work with the FAA on solutions that would allow the stewards to explain their decisions to the fans and to elaborate on how reached. I would agree. I'm sympathetic to any fan or fry fine or even someone who's not a fine of, you know, either those who felt like this was a little bit harsh. And I, I I'm kind of, like rob. I'm like, either way, I guess I would have been okay with it. I've learned to not put my stock in f one rules, all that much. But I will say is that if it was the other way around, I think Lewis would have been cheated more so than the way it ended up being, I think Lewis, having doggedly hunted him down lap after lap after lap after lap. And then getting that chance getting blocked that would that would a sucks. I feel like I think that the fight was there and Louis was in it that whole time and I'm going to be Luis Mercedes fan. But I think I think he deserved it in a way to kind of didn't I think this is the other part of maybe why this turned into such controversy. If you watched that race broadcast like Brundle was very high. Budgen about, like if they penalize that we should just pack, it all in, and what are we even doing here anymore and? The pit lane reporter Buxton. No books, no. Oh, Ted grab. It's Ted Kravitz. Yeah. Was also sort of in the same boat. This is this is racing..

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