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We saw in the games against costa rica and the us not until the eighty fifth minute they activated the protocol for the chance game. Wear your than that. The chance came. And what bothers me. Is that concacaf will only admit that the chant was going on if it was loud. If they are faint. Chance fainter. homophobia is okay. That's not worried it's one it's loud. That's going to be worried when our cameras here. So that's the message that is transmitted around the world. Bet it was worries now. It's not working this is it hasn't been something that's been going on post pandemic years and years and years two thousand eighteen world cup in russia. We were both there. They had a fan. I d so if you were identified as being part of this homophobic chant you will get kicked out. Not only of this. You may even get kicked out of the country intil. There is actual accountability until concha cap itself. Docs points prohibits fans For fertilizer from these stadiums. Those things happen. We will continue to see these things happen. And that is the sad part so you can't come with concha. Cap has got it under control that we have control in this country or mexico until just don't see it anymore. Yeah it doesn't matter if the protocol is really will decide if he's not used properly then it's completely pointless. You'll have a protocol in place for this matter. Alright eric. the mad soccer summer moves on five. Medica kicked off in brazil copa america by the way. That almost doesn't happen but it start anyway. Brazil beat venezuela who had thirteen players testing positive for covid nineteen. They found a way to play with by the way. The green light by carnival. Brazil won that game three near but then he ask you. This should benesch. Willa have played this game again brazil. Let me start off by saying how crazy this. Look joseph martinez. You're located at. Least did he get. That plays liga. Mx junior marino lots of players in both leagues. And what is major league soccer in this game for venezuela thirteen cases. They were flying players in the night before from the venezuelan league. To try to get this going you could field twenty three players on a game day roster. They only had enough for seventeen. Three of those players played in their last world. Cup qualifiers a brand new team to.

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