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Finch, Donald Trump, CBS discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


Finch case CBS news time is twelve thirty one CBS news update president trump is expected to sign an eight point three billion dollar measure today to help tackle the corona virus outbreak the legislation would provide federal public health agencies money for vaccines tests and potential treatments after vice president pence admitted the U. S. does not have enough testing kits Mr trump was on fox news praising his administration I think people are viewing us as having done a very good job but we have to do is to a very professional job nobody is blaming us for the virus nobody I mean I haven't heard that even from some of the so called enemies or whatever you wanna call and they're not blaming us a started in China CBS news correspondent Anna Werner says many products intended to help kill the virus are all store shelves but companies say they're trying to help the spoke with the manufacture of parole today they're adding extra ships they're paying workers additional overtime trying to catch up with all of this but so far no word on when supply will meet demand CBS news update all math paper KCBS news time twelve thirty two a tiny Vermont organization is reuniting families of those who served with las metals and other mementos all a lanky shows us how this is helping the families discover new connections and sometimes reach closure Vermont is turning purple no we're not talking politics this morning purple hearts reunited it's a small nonprofit delivering a big impact to strangers who weren't even asking the military as you might know has awarded nearly two million purple hearts to Americans who shed blood or died in combat it's estimated that tens of thousands of those metals have lost their way this group is helping bring them home so this is our this is our headquarters here this book began as a passion project for army major Zachariah Fike into the creation of purple hearts reunited and nonprofit aimed at returning lost or stolen military medals and effects to veterans and their loved ones at no cost on this day in Vermont we unpacked a cardboard box filled with belongings from a soldier lost his life while serving in the Korean War it's a very intimate connection so it is I mean this is a real person this is a real hero he had his whole life ahead of them and unfortunately is not here to to tell the stories so I think it's our job to to tell the story form just as every soldier has their own story every medal has its own journey with tens of thousands thought to be lost stolen or just forgotten about strangers who randomly find the metals often send them to fight hoping he'll get them home you're looking at twenty to thirty zero seventy begin with only a name then look to the metal for other clues they have changed suddenly in the way they were manufactured and the time period and how they were engraved then fight it is to move just to begin making cold calls once we identify who the families ARE I come down and see Daniel we do a full else BNP to low runs the village frame shop in Vermont helping fight bring the reactions you see in these pictures to life what's usually the response from the families it brings that family member back in an instant and the raw emotion in their face makes all the time and effort worth bringing these metals home home for Fike on this weekend to Salem Alabama to reunite pastor David BAPS with the medals his late father burned in.

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