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Nbn in the end the post reports the president said quote why are we having all these people from blank whole countries come here and quote i came from an immigrant background parents came here illegally and our country was built upon immigration so if that's actually what he said the really's noth defensives words the comments for on presidential uh president and i think has an obligation to raise the tone the debate and to deal with substance knock does stereotypes the president of the united states should not be so disrespectful he shouldn't be using a tone which is disrespectful which is derogatory our she said a lot of a couple of minutes so we'll we may dip into that governor gina raimondo kresimir allan fung uh candidate for governor also joe trillo candidate for governor all weighing in this morning i had joe trillo on uh the 9 o'clock hour and he he uh defended he's not offended he said i would have chosen better words but you know he this president doesn't know who we can trust yet it was closed doors what you say behind closed doors is that okay will it got out uh democratic senator durban dick turban the is out and about uh standing on the mountaintop say that's what he said and he said hatefilled remarks other folks are saying racist remarks blank whole countries it's what everybody's talking about this morning good morning evered of just joining in eleven await closeddoor session talking about immigration illegal immigration the president's in the room all senators democrats all different from all over the country and uh some have come out of that meeting confirming a washington post reporter saying it apparently jumped out at him when the president uh reportedly said arafat i say allegedly said these denying it but i'll why do we have all these people coming in from blank whole countries haiti el salvador parts of africa uh were referenced and also uh there were there were more statements made according to those in the room about um why do we need all these haitians so that community is obviously highly offended uh news outlets are showing pictures of different haitians haitian americans who are in uniform and serving the country uh.

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