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One call that's all sports desk. Here's Brian D. It felt like an episode of Oprah Target Field. Minneapolis last night, you get a home run, you get a home, right? Everybody gets a home run is four different. Milwaukee Brewers went T points tonight, 32. High fly deep left, and this ball is going to be gone Cast in here a hits a home run. It's his sixth of the season and another one for the Brewers. It's 91 Milwaukee hero went deep along with Christian Yelich, Ryan Braun and obviously your Garcia as the birds beat the twins 923. The offense was certainly clicking in the pitching was pretty good, too. Drew Rasmussen made quite the major league debut, throwing two scoreless innings. There's no doubt his fastball plays at the major league level throwing arm. Exclusively fastballs and his two innings. He consistently sits at 98 99 MPH. He strikes out three but does give up two hits. MLB Pipeline has him listed as the 10th best prospect in the Brewers Organization map. Ali w T. M. J Sports Brewer's look toe win The Siri's Tonight coverage of the rubber match on our sister station, 94 5. ESPN starts At 5 35 in hoops, The Bucks looking to tie up their first John playoff series tonight, it is game to against the Orlando Magic. Don't just think that Game One was an anomaly for the Magic. Former N BA coach and now, ESPN analyst David Fizdale says Orlando is here to stay and hear to play. I think Milwaukee ultimately will step it up and figure it out. When I tell you what Orlando presents some problems, those officials a picket pop big You can also post up the switch. That's a dangerous matter for them right there throughout the Siri's Orlando represents a lot of life, and Clifford is one of the best coaches in the league and making you playing mother slowing your whole team down. So the walking days to figure out if the books wanna win game to tonight, ESPN Jacky McMullin says. They have to be better in one area in particular. The one thing about the Bucks is they loved to score in transition, and when they do that, and they start going downhill It's not only good points is demoralizing for the other team. They're Orlando Magic held them to 12 transition points. That's that's that's that's a win Anybody's butt transition points start on the defensive end of the floor as well. We'll see if the Bucks can get some steals. Get out and run tonight Coverage. Karen W. T. M. J starts at 4 30. And finally in football fans will not be allowed inside Lambeau Field for at least the first two home games of the season. Matt Leflore wants to make sure his guys were ready for that type of environment, so we might sound like that inside the stadium today is the Packers practice inside an empty, cavernous Lambeau Field, defensive lineman Dean Lowry says it's important to get in there and mimic what a GameDay atmosphere is going to be like getting usedto on the field getting used the environment and yes, I think also Getting used to not having fans on the big thing. Also, we're focusing on is just bringing our own energy and induced practice here and games. And that's a big part of our focus during training camp, rookie quarterback Jordan Love and GM.

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