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Washington post political reporter comes whole host of The Washington week in review on PBS every Friday night you can follow Robert on Twitter at Costa reports I recommend that you do and this Friday night on Washington week in review they're going to be talking about debate debate debate I'm sure Bob welcome back Anil on Friday night I'm always curious is going to do the post debate Washington week in review. good morning you we got a great panel we get calls from the New York times one of summer's the eight P. Jack Sherman from political and guarantee the Washington post so you can't beat that that's absolutely the best now you can however be everyone in the prediction game I am going to watch every minute as top to bottom because either the fields gonna get bigger after tonight or it may collapse to the big three what do you think is the dynamic going in Robert constant. it's still broader than the big three. once you got and center stage vice president fighting and he and his allies have been really starting to punch back up politically senator Warren taking on her campaign donations the way she's been framing herself as a small dollar candidate they say she's great big money in the past from from major financial figures and so they're really going to try to call her a hypocrite you see that in governor ed Rendell that they had this week they're really taking her on in that in that direction of people to judge the mayor of south and senator Harris California senator Booker New Jersey they have a real challenge here how did they catch up had a make sure they're part of that conversation at. I I did a panel yesterday morning in DC with Paul Begala and Paul steak is that Bernie Sanders just is too far to the left he did not say it but he implied so Elizabeth Warren but he has the same doubts that every Democrat I've talked to have about Joe Biden's viability so the moderator after that then who's gonna be the nominee to look I don't see how they get out of a Kamel Eric's nomination because Bernie to radical they'll lose Elizabeth too radical bellows and and joke appears to be too old he'll lose I don't know where else to go because it doesn't seem to me the bridge is maintained as early momentum or that anybody else has breakout potential does anyone else have potentially Robert Costa. you can't rule out senator Warren she's drawing the crowds she's a liberal alternative at this moment to vice president Biden at the polls and this is a party that wants to candidate in many respects to the left and so you could see senator Warner start to pull away here and this is a party that is a mind that used to the left and she's different and senator Sanders she's a fresher face its losses in that race he remained a bit of a burden to her politically but it this is becoming is this going to be a warrant I did race that's what tomorrow lancer now there is a dynamic here the rule set of the Democratic Party jet that fifteen percent in a caucus or primary to collect delegates right now there are three people are pretty healthy fifteen percenters Bernie a little bit worn and Joe Biden if that were to deadlock and stay that way you've got a two ballot convention or even longer is there any animosity on a personal level between these three such that you would think it would inclined one against the other or two friendships that will bring them together. at the moment you have senator Warren and senator Sanders really it is serving as allied politically they come from the same wing of the party well senator Sanders because of a democratic socialist even much more of a lapse in terms of his position that how they articulate them and senator Warner's echoed many disposition it's only getting nastier though between the fighting camp in the war yeah they both see the nomination within their grasp and unlike senator Harris you say could you could end up in her lap the nomination if things become chaotic warning by imposing a chance to grab the nomination right now this is one last question on two thousand and twenty I wanna go back to two thousand and eight you'll remember not many of the audience of the West Virginia primary when John McCain cooperated with Mike Huckabee did and I met Ronnie a win that would have catapulted Romney forward do you see any kind of strategic alliance forming up between Sanders and Warren to cripple Joe Biden's momentum. nothing formal but certainly informal currents are moving in that direction you see. the left wing of the Democratic Party once this nomination at the one at that that's so fascinating Robert let's switch over to the White House John Bolton is a friend of mine and he's gone the short list includes a couple of friends of mine record now I think it's flying in to see the president tonight Robert C. o'brien is in town for whatever reason in Washington DC both ambassadors who else is on the short list to replace John Bolton what to the individual names mean or or signify for the other people in ministration. several US friend of Mike Pompeii the secretary of state say you could try to pull Henry Kissinger you so close to president trump right now even technically running for policy military policy security policy he could become national security adviser we have one of his allies in there and circle the secretary of state and an essay well both Grinnell and Brian as well as Brian hook in our special represented North Korea they're all I don't see anyone actually outside of the Palm pale orbit who would be there it will go it's sort of role will revert to second term Nixon first term for it because that's when Kissinger it was double habit and it worked pretty well then but you have to have total authority to make it so do you think the president has that kind of trust in the secretary of state. he does have that kind of trust based on my reporting a but you do see a lot of names out there that are. they need no the president doesn't want to have a foil anymore like you had with John Bolton and so you can look it up and that's a that's probably gonna be a little bit more low key weaker and their power within the administration more of the Tom Donilon model under president Obama's oppose the Susan rice model under president Obama that's a fair a fair way of putting it I'll bet you right now in my audience nobody knows who Tom Donilon is in very few people know who Susan rice's point being they're much more low profile much more low key sure like Stephen Hadley became the Condi rice after the secretary of state became the secretary of state and that's one of the Pantera style however there's a cat. right now if the president looking for someone to go on TV and to be a spokesman for him and it really be more of a fighter on TV you could still see a record at all get that job making sure he never gets too much distance from Ontario but still being kind of more of it he be present that often like that let me underscore that there are two people who are natural television performers o'brien who was born to be on television and Grinnell who has been on television for a long time redeye the whole fox news channel during the eight years of Obama spokesperson for John bone at the U. N. but both o'brien and Bolton are friends with John Paul I urge o'brien in Grinnell are friends with John Bolton record now work form for I think this entire time is the other **** does that make a difference because I I saw the president was calling HR McMaster he doesn't really exile anyone from its orbit he still talks the rights previous and he said the only guys been exams Bannon recently. and you could see president from say record now was a ball can guide for years the root canal has been so forceful and being a trump person politically that that is that kind of washes off any of that concern. to the hilt runner costs are they going to get a budget deal done I've got North Carolina senator Tom tells coming up this are all ask him but what are the prospects of avoiding a shutdown. the White House once you're the Senate Republicans in the house Democrats want to avoid a shutdown they're gonna have played about different funding think we have the Democrats really reading. concerns about the national emergency in the president's use of federal dollars but they keep trying to delay the budget deal hello to our November maybe even December they're trying to get a deal done electricity is spending agreement about the president want to stand up for twenty twenty similar to what he had last year that no question that the west wing right now finally got Mike pence said to have had a role in the after John Bolton what you're reporting Robert cost. president trump always has a confidante vice president pence in these private meetings especially national security who would give him get an invite backing him up I have no heart forty that and was trying to push out pulled him but I do know that hence camp on Hey camp there were tensions that have John Bolton operate inside the bureaucracy and that wasn't helpful double. under Kanza always good to talk to you will be watching tomorrow night doing debate analysis with the find panel on Washington week in review will be following on Twitter at Custer reports follow me my friends as I tell you that if you have heard of the fresh start initiative concerning the IRS you may have thought it was too good to be true but it's not your more than ten thousand dollars to the IRS you should do yourself a huge favor have a conversation with Perry Cronin he's the president of.

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