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Ordered if there aren't there in route, they're actually on their way. All broken from Loch Born Ohio. Did you break it again? I think I did. That's right. So, what's going on? But I'm gonna talk cars. Maybe. Okay, so we're going to go next door to your left there. Two dons nicer. Pettis. Auto Electric. Dr. Don. How are you? Excellent. How are you guys Don't doing great or you have to do something, Steve. No, no, Don't worry about me. Okay? We'll just duct tape. But there we go. We're going to switch Mike's foryou for now. How about that? Look at that service medal, or I should come. Have Mike remind you of anything anyway? 614793 1957 is Stevens moved Mike number five No 6147 1919 57 Glad heavy board on auto smarts radio. We're here every Saturday from 8 to 10. We got Steve as we mentioned. When we get done, and so what's gonna happen? This boots is gonna depart at nine. The party begins at 901 and don going to swing over to the big chair then and answer your questions as well to Steve and I will do the musical entertainment for next two hours. We'll sing the theme to the Wild Dogs Fight song. No, their eyes their song. No, no. Yeah, but work and we got two hours to come up with one of their sponsor in my eye school football games on TV, So I saw that great job last night was was banned for that Must be Must be free Davis just doing out of the goodness of his heart. I did not do again for the first time in 29 years last night actually do last night, Bexley. I think they played Liberty Union maybe last night. Have to check to see that one. I don't think it went well, so looks like there are a lot of stands in the new Albany high school football with a 15% 15% What attendants? That's all you can do it. There were more in 15%.

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