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Business people. We need believers to go out and let their lights shine and this culture today. And that's what happened in the first century because every believer understood they were called to do their part. They took risks. They loved their comfort zones. We see they're fearless preaching. They're expecting prayer and their willingness to obey god. But listen to this. The book of acts is simply a picture of normal christianity. It's normal christianity. Now as we read it. I don't know if that's normal. That seems pretty. Radical to me factor. The matter is it's normal and if it seems radical it's because we have diluted virgin we should be living like these first century believers impacting our culture. Now historically looking back. The book of acts was written over a thirty year period from around eight hundred thirty three to sixty three. of course. there's a lot of miracles a lot of amazing events but it's over thirty years. I don't think a miracle happened every day. But i think what you see. It's believers living by faith. Doing what god has called them to do. These weren't perfect christians. They made mistakes. They're they're little divisions their their disagreements. They're the problems there challenges but despite that they made a huge difference and turned their world upside down. Why can't we do the same thing. The author of the book of acts of the holy. Spirit speaking through dr luke luke. Because he has his own gospel. And what's unique about lucas. He was not one of the disciples. Walk with jesus. He came along later and apparently he was hired by a well to do christian. Who had the named theophilus so theophilus under wrote luke's research project to get the story of what happened in the life in ministry of jesus and luke with a great attention to detail and with a beautiful poetic pin gave us the gospel. We call luke and now here's his second riding also sponsored by the awful as called the book of acts but the difference between the gospel of luke and the book of axes and this particular document. Teddy road luke was part of the story. He was in on the action. He was an eyewitness to what was happening by the way the named theophilus means lover of god so this book wasn't just written for the awful. It's it was written for all of us for all of you. Who love god. We have the book of acts. And i might add. It's an unfinished book. Number really ended in a way chapters are still being written. I'm not suggesting we frightened you. Chapters and insert them in the bible to the book of acts. But i'm simply saying we should not put a period or god is put a comma. The work continues on the work of the church in the world. Today i can sum up the book of acts this way. It's a spirit of god. Working through the word of god and the hearts of the people of god. Let me say that again. It's a spirit of god. Working through the word of god in the hearts of the people of god so let's read now some verses from the book of acts and then i will give you my first point. Let's read acts chapter one versus one two three and by the way. I'm reading from the new living translation. Luke writes in my first book. I told you theophilus about everything..

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