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The guard down, they think it's a moment of rest. And, yes, we all need it, especially under these difficult conditions, But that isn't a time to take off your mask. Enjoy your meal. It's time to keep it up and make sure we do what we can to prevent the spread. We're gonna activities that are longer duration. We know Dr Mark Galley. You're right. John looks like a space sailing with those big glass. This is too that his shiny bald head Yeah, Those glasses just kept distracting me like they're oversized and it zone that drone of mortar shell or the clear frames and that monotone that goes on and on and on. This is a relatively big announcement. It took a little interesting that Gavin Newsom did not make it. You think he's feeling shame? Yeah, Yes. I have got a little ahead in the corner. I have not seen Every press conference, obviously in the last eight months from the state, but everyone I did see was hosted by Newsom, right. He brings galley out, but he's normally priced. But Newsome and when you're about to announce, and folks if you're just tuning in What they're doing, And the reason we cut out is that he was going through the usual safety precautions about how not to spread covert way for that million times. We trust you know those already but a few things to come out of this, but the California Department public Health That's what galley Heads up. It's going to prohibit most non essential activity outside the home from 10 P.m. to 5 P.m. in the Purple Counties, which is we mentioned a few minutes ago is 94% of the state's population of 37 million people, leaving kit live in counties that are now considered purple. So there you go, Which is all of us here in Southern California. Basically, in a nutshell. It's gonna look like it did in March. April May whenever it is these who There's this weird and I, You know, he did not produce any science that explain this. What is the evidence that the virus is transmitted primarily between 10 P.m. and 5 A.m.. That's absurd on its face. It's a third Well, they've narrowed it down a bit below, he said. There's a whole lot of factors involved with this. And he mentioned the cold weather, the mixing of groups the Dodgers the Lakers Halloween Veterans Day celebrations, protests But I think we've talked about this with Steve Gregory last hour. It's because younger people are starting to push these numbers up and younger people socialize during those out. Maybe Garcetti and the police chief in L. A auto disperse all protests immediately. We're making sure this party's over big news A few months ago, there should have been no Laker celebration. There should have been no Dodger celebration. There should have been no protests over the summer. I should have all been immediately broken up and everybody forced to go home. I have a bit of a problem with that one for two reasons. It's outside and you're not getting somebody spit on your face for 15 minutes. But you go inside to like a big house party or you get to hang out at a door Far restaurant. You're in each other's face for 15 20 minutes. That masks I got. I got to go through the list again. Okay, Here's where the trouble is. Write this down at home or go to l a times dot com slash projects slash California coronavirus cases tracking outbreak. Okay, It's on the front page is the link to it. All right. Just go to that little graph. Where they keep track of the Corona virus on the front page of the website, Click it Scroll down and you will see the list of every single city. Every community in L. A county. I'm going to give you the top 20, All right. East Los Angeles. I'm rounding off the numbers East Los Angeles 8000. Pomona 7200. Palm Down 6400 South Gate 5500 El Monte 5500 North Hollywood. 5500 Boyle Heights 5300 Lancaster, 5300 Glendale 5300. Downey 5300, Santa Clarita 5300 Compton 5000 Could climb a 49 100 Silmara 4600. Okay, you get the idea there. Now I'm going to scroll way down. And I'm going to go through the many, many places that are less than 300 cases. Okay, so let's go to North wittier to 86 Quartz Hill to 80, they said. Miracle Mile 2 59 Agora Hills to 56 Stevenson Ranch to 49. Love Kenyatta Flint Ridge To 27 Beverly would to 15 Pacific Palisades. 1 92 Beverly Crest 1 80 Play of this to 1 76 these air places. That have Uh, 1/40 of what's going on in They are they less populated, though, too Isn't that a factor there Less populated, But they're not 1/40 the population. Well, here's the state number. Supposedly Latinos make up 40% of the California population. But there's 60% of the cove in 19 cases. And almost half of the deaths and most of the places that I listed have heavy Latino populations heavy young populations because Latinos skew young It has been this way since the beginning. The bait the that second group, and those aren't even the lowest That second group. The numbers have been basically flat for weeks and weeks. Well, yeah, guess what's coming up in the story, and we're gonna be talking about this, because, um, if you think you're going to get that vaccine soon, you better think again. The state of California is taking action. Theo provide the vaccine first to these ravaged communities You just mentioned they're going to give it to a lyric that they're calling it privilege there. Call it well, you have the privilege to stay at home because you're wealthier and I guess because you're also white. On. Therefore you're not going to get the vaccine is soon, but so Latino and black residents they're going to get it first. Except that is the correct thing to do because in those neighborhoods, that's where it's most prevalent that But will they take it? But But it's exactly my point if they're giving the vaccine First people in those neighborhoods. Then Obviously those neighborhoods are at high risk right now. But that means the other neighborhoods are not, which means you can open up businesses and restore freedoms. If you're in a district where it's Very high risk for the virus. That's where you shut down if you have a large, large, enormous district where there isn't much virus that stay stays open. That's common sense. That's just simple, common sense. That's inarguable. There's no two sides to this. Yeah, I have both sympathy and derision. When I see those numbers. I understand that a lot of people those towns you mentioned cannot work at home. They have to be out there somewhere, whether it's construction gardening, whatever my hide, otherwise too much, But But on the other hand, I think you're right. I think there's some ignorance of the severity that there could be From Corona virus. If you bring it home to your family, and you have somebody that's got underlying conditions or intelligently, both if I'm on the west side of Los Angeles, and there's no virus around me. It is not my fault. Responsibility that 20 or 30 miles away. There's people who are getting the virus either because they're working conditions or because people are not following the protocols. It's simply has nothing to do with me. It's not my business. I mean, I'm sitting Uninfected..

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